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Regular Maintenance of Silent Diesel Generator

Jul. 06, 2023

The silent diesel generator often needs regular maintenance. Most of the time, the super quiet Diesel generator is in standby standby state. In case of power failure, the silent diesel generator is required to "start in an emergency and supply power in an emergency", otherwise the standby mute Diesel generator will lose its meaning, which is the meaning of regular maintenance. Due to negligence in not switching operations, the battery power cannot meet the requirements. In addition to configuring a high-quality charger, necessary testing and maintenance are necessary to solve this problem.

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During the maintenance of the quiet diesel generator, it was found that due to the condensation of water vapor in the air of the silent diesel generator during the temperature change, water droplets formed and hung on the inner wall of the oil tank and flowed into the diesel oil, which caused the water content of the diesel oil of the silent diesel generator to exceed the standard. Such diesel oil entering the engine high-pressure oil pump would rust the plunger of the precision coupling, and seriously damage the silent diesel generator. Regular maintenance of the silent diesel generator can be effectively avoided. The engine oil of the silent diesel generator is used for mechanical lubrication, and the engine oil also has a certain retention period and can be stored for a long time.

The physical and chemical properties of the engine oil will change, which will worsen the lubrication condition of the low noise diesel generator during operation, and easily cause damage to the parts of the silent diesel generator. Therefore, the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly. During the maintenance of the silent diesel generator, it was found that the chemical properties of the lubricating oil or oil ester of the silent diesel generator and the iron filings generated after mechanical wear not only reduced its lubrication effect, but also accelerated the damage of the parts of the silent diesel generator. At the same time, the lubricating oil of the silent diesel generator had a certain corrosive effect on the rubber seal ring. In addition, the oil seal itself was also aging at any time, which reduced its sealing effect.

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