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How to Reduce The Noise and Heating of Volvo Diesel Generators?

Sep. 28, 2021

The use of Volvo diesel generators will cause noise and heat generation. Do you know how to reduce the noise and heat generation of Volvo diesel generators? Below, the starlight power generation equipment will introduce it in detail:

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First of all, when designing the noise reduction of the Volvo diesel generator room, the ventilation volume of the engine room should be considered. The ventilation volume is calculated according to the air volume required for engine combustion and the ventilation volume required for heat dissipation of the generator set. The sum of air volume is the ventilation volume of the computer room. This is a variable value, which varies with the temperature rise of a random room. When considering the noise reduction of the computer room, the user should strictly follow the standard for the ventilation volume of the computer room, that is, the temperature rise of the computer room is controlled within 5℃, and the ventilation volume required by the unit is the largest.

Second, according to the ventilation volume and the minimum air flow rate of the air inlet and exhaust muffler in the computer room, the cross-sectional area of the air inlet and exhaust vents can be calculated, and the air inlet and exhaust vents designed according to this can meet the heat dissipation requirements of the computer room under normal circumstances. . Of course, this is a relatively high standard, and the price is high. It requires professional noise reduction manufacturers to design and construct, which can meet the ideal noise reduction effect and sufficient heat dissipation conditions at the same time.

Third, the noise reduction and heat dissipation of the computer room are also related to the user's requirements. Users can have different emphasis on noise reduction and heat dissipation according to changes in the ambient temperature. For example, in winter, the effect of noise reduction can be appropriately pursued; in the hot summer, in order to meet the sufficient heat dissipation of the computer room, some concessions can be made in noise reduction.

Especially in the hot summer, ensuring good ventilation and heat dissipation in the engine room is the key. You can start from now to prepare for Volvo diesel generators in a quiet and safe operating environment, to ensure the best performance of the unit, and at the same time for safety. Add a guarantee to your homework.

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