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Reasons of Diesel Blockage in Diesel Generators

Feb. 23, 2022

In order to prevent the diesel generator from being blocked by diesel and unable to quickly enter the working environment, the electric heating function of the diesel generator is usually turned on when the outdoor temperature is lower than 5 °C. Diesel generator electric heating function and maintenance method, diesel generator is used as a backup power supply for mains and UPS, and it is required to ensure that it is available at any time. Because diesel oil contains a certain amount of wax, in the winter when the temperature is low, these waxes will gradually separate out, and even cause the diesel oil to condense and become inactive. When the wax separated from the diesel starts to block the filter and then the normal oil supply of the oil circuit is used, the current temperature is called the cooling point of the diesel.

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Diesel generator coolant temperature is too high hair causes: lack of coolant in the water tank caused by the lack of cooling capacity of the water tank; too little or no oil in the crankcase; coolant temperature sensor. The resulting detection value is not high; the cooling air channel of the radiator is blocked and the cooling air cannot flow normally, and the heat dissipation of the water tank can be reduced; the driving belt of the cooling fan is loose, and the heat dissipation of the water tank caused by the insufficient fan speed can be reduced; the thermostat of the engine starts. Mao, when the temperature of the coolant rises, the large circulation cannot be opened normally, resulting in the temperature of the coolant being too high; the problem of the coolant circulation pump causes the coolant to not circulate normally and the temperature is too high.

1. The placement site of the diesel generator should be well ventilated, the generator end should have sufficient air inlets, and the diesel engine end should have excellent air outlets. The area of the air outlet should be more than twice the area of the water tank.

2. When using a diesel generator indoors, be sure to connect the exhaust pipe to the outside, the diameter of the smoke pipe is greater than or equal to the diameter of the exhaust pipe, and the elbows of the pipe should not exceed 3 to ensure the exhaust of the diesel generator. Unblocked, you can also tilt the pipe down 5-10 degrees to avoid rainwater injection. If the exhaust pipe is installed vertically upwards, a rain cover must be added to the diesel generator.

3. The surroundings of the diesel generator installation site must be kept clean to ensure that there is no floating sand on the ground, and avoid placing items that can generate acid, alkali and other corrosive gases and steam nearby.

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