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Reasons of Bearing Pad Failure of Silent Diesel Generator Set

May. 09, 2022

The function of the diesel engine bearing bush of the silent diesel generator set is mainly used for friction protection when the connecting rod or crankshaft is running at high speed. The failure of the bearing shell is mainly wear and gluing (adhesive wear). Other common forms are crushing, scratching, fatigue peeling, corrosion, and bearing lining peeling due to process reasons.

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The reason for the failure of the diesel engine bearing bush of the silent diesel generator set: the amount of oil in the oil pan is insufficient or the oil circuit is not smooth, the oil pump cannot supply oil normally or the oil pressure is too low, resulting in poor lubrication.

The grade of oil does not match, and the quality and effect of different grades of oil are not the same. The oil is deteriorated and dirty; the waterproof rubber seal of the cylinder liner fails, causing the cooling water to leak into the oil pan.

The clearance between the journal and the bearing bush is not up to standard. What is the clearance between crankshaft and bearing bush? Different models of diesel engines have their own standards, and there are certain differences. The gap affects the formation of the oil film; if the gap is too small, the oil will not easily enter the friction surface of the journal and the bearing bush, and an oil film cannot be formed; if the gap is too large, the gap between the journal and the bearing bush Vibration and impact increase, causing the oil film to rupture.

The load of the diesel engine exceeds the limit of the bearing material; the requirements of the bearing material: good wear reduction, wear resistance and running-in; sufficient strength; good adaptability and embedding; good thermal conductivity; corrosion resistance; good Craftsmanship.

When the silent diesel generator set is just started, especially in winter, when the oil has not been fully lubricated, avoid high-speed and full-load operation, or frequent starting, and long-term idling operation.

The maintenance of the diesel engine of the silent diesel generator set should avoid the long-term overload and over-speed operation of the diesel engine, because the temperature of the body is high, the viscosity of the oil decreases, and it is not easy to form a normal oil film.

Improper use, maintenance and assembly lead to the accident of burning the bearing and holding the shaft, the surface of the journal has flash, and it is not cleaned during assembly. The burning loss of the bearing bush is mainly due to the rupture of the lubricating oil film between the journal and the bearing bush, resulting in friction between the bearing bush and the crankshaft.

In the daily maintenance of the diesel engine of the silent diesel generator set, oil is the most easily overlooked problem for many users. If the oil usage standard is serious, it will directly cause the engine to burn the tile and hold the shaft. Here we remind users to pay attention to the choice of oil.

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