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Reasons For Wear Of Plunger And Sleeve Of Fuel Injection Pump

Jan. 04, 2023

The fuel injection pump (also called high-pressure pump) is one of the most important components in the fuel supply system of the diesel generator. Its function is to deliver a certain amount of diesel fuel to the injector at a certain high pressure at a specified time according to the working requirements of the diesel engine. During the operation of diesel generator, the most common part of failure is the fuel supply and its speed governing system. The fuel supply and speed governing system of diesel engine mainly include fuel injection pump, fuel injector, fuel delivery pump and governor. Now let's take a look at the faults and solutions of the fuel injection pump of the diesel generator.


Wear of plunger and sleeve of fuel injection pump: the wear of plunger and sleeve is mainly caused by impurities in diesel oil and high pressure diesel oil washing. The common wear parts are the middle part between the top of the plunger and the spiral edge, and the inlet and outlet of the sleeve. The surface is dark after wear.


Failure cause:

① The diesel used is neither filtered nor precipitated, so that the diesel contains more impurities.


② The diesel filter does not work. Therefore, if the filter element is too dirty to be cleaned, replace it with a new one.


③ The diesel brand is not selected correctly. For example, diesel with too low viscosity is used when the temperature is high, or diesel with too high viscosity is used when the temperature is low, resulting in poor lubrication of the plunger and sleeve.


④ The plunger coupling (the combination of plunger and sleeve) is not vertically installed in the fuel injection pump body, which is also easy to wear. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the uneven gasket or the over tightened plunger sleeve set screw.


⑤ The fuel injection nozzle or outlet valve is stuck in the closed position. In this way, when the injection pressure of the fuel injector is too high, the plunger continues to pump oil, causing the plunger


diesel engine


① The fuel injection pressure of the fuel injector can be adjusted to 200kgf/c ㎡, which is connected to a group of plunger coupling parts to be inspected. Use a screwdriver to pry the spring seat of the fuel injection pump to pump oil, or use the starter to drive the diesel engine. If the fuel injector does not inject fuel, it indicates that the plunger coupling parts are worn and need to be replaced.


② For the split type fuel injection pump, first place the speed regulating fuel supply handle at the fuel supply position, and then lift the pump to pump oil. If the fuel sprayed by the fuel injection pump cannot hit the cylinder head, it indicates that the plunger and sleeve are worn. For the combined (integral) fuel injection pump, first place the speed regulating fuel supply handle at the fuel supply position, and then knock the plunger spring with a screwdriver to check the fuel output of the fuel injection pump.


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