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Reasons for The Unstable Operation of Volvo Diesel Generator Sets

Apr. 21, 2022

Now we will briefly introduce the reasons for the unstable operation of Volvo diesel generator sets.

The high-pressure oil pipes of the 4 cylinders on the high-pressure oil pump were tested one by one, and it was found that after the third cylinder was cut off, the blue smoke in the rear row disappeared. After stopping the operation, dismantle the fuel injector of the third cylinder, and test the fuel injection pressure of the fuel injector.

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It is because the cylinders of the unit do not work well, resulting in different compression pressures of the cylinders. Remedy: Check the oil gauge on the oil pan of the Volvo diesel generator set to observe whether the oil viscosity is too low or the amount is too large, so that after the oil enters the combustion chamber, it evaporates into unburned oil and gas and is discharged from the exhaust pipe. After inspection, the quality and quantity of diesel oil are in line with the oil standard for Volvo diesel generator sets.

The elastic force of the speed regulating spring inside the governor is weakened, which changes the speed regulating performance. Troubleshooting method: After starting the diesel generator set, increase the speed to about 1000 r/min, and observe whether the speed is somewhat stable, but the sound of the unit's rotation is still unstable, and the fault has not been eliminated.

There is a lack of air, water vapor or oil supply in the fuel supply system. Oil discharge method: Loosen the oil discharge screw of the high pressure oil pump, press the hand pump to discharge the oil, and drain the oil. The correlation between the oil supply of each sub-pump plunger in the high-pressure oil pump is relatively large. Discharge method: Fix the oil return screw of the high and low oil pipes of the Volvo diesel generator set.

The governor speed has not reached the calibrated speed. Remedy: disassemble the high-pressure oil pump assembly, and conduct a technical inspection inside the governor. It is found that the movement of the adjusting gear rod is not flexible. After the Volvo diesel generator set is repaired, adjusted and assembled, start it to a speed of about 700 r/min, and observe whether the Volvo diesel generator set works smoothly. No abnormality was found, and the fault was eliminated.

The rotating parts inside the governor are unbalanced or the fit clearance is too large. Remedy: Pull out a thin copper wire with a diameter close to the nozzle hole from a thin wire to dredge the nozzle hole. After dredging and re-testing, it was found that the spraying of the nozzle coupler was normal, and then the fuel injector was installed, and the Volvo diesel generating set was started. It was found that the blue smoke emission disappeared, but the speed of the Volvo diesel generator set was still unstable.

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