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Reasons for The Power Reduction During Generator Set Operation

Apr. 27, 2022

It has been known from the working process of the diesel engine of the generator set that the diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder and mixed with the hot air, and then ignites and burns to generate power. Therefore, the horsepower of the diesel engine is naturally related to the amount of air and the amount of diesel it can burn. In this article, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce it in detail.

generator maintenance

At high altitudes, due to the decrease in atmospheric pressure, the air density decreases, and the weight of the air drawn into the cylinders of the generator set is correspondingly reduced, which limits the amount of diesel that can be burned, and the horsepower decreases. For the same reason, the high temperature and humidity of the air will also reduce the horsepower of the diesel engine of the generator set. Therefore, the use of diesel engines in different regions, or under different atmospheric conditions in the same region, should consider this power change. For example, the same diesel engine can produce less power in summer than in winter.

When the diesel engine of the generator set works, many parts slide or rotate relative to each other at a high speed under a certain load, such as piston and cylinder liner, crankshaft and bearing, etc. Although the surfaces of these parts are lubricated to different degrees, with the increase of working time, the surfaces in contact with each other will inevitably wear due to friction, and gradually destroy the original size and geometry. This normal wear and tear is often referred to as "natural wear" and is actually unavoidable. But this is by no means to say that there is nothing we can do about wear and tear and let it take its course.

In fact, by correctly selecting the materials of the mutually matched parts, adopting advanced and reasonable heat treatment methods, improving the processing quality and matching conditions of the contact surfaces of the generator set parts, improving cooling and lubrication, and taking active measures in timely maintenance, such wear will be reduced. Significantly reduced, thereby improving the reliability of the diesel engine and prolonging its service life.

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