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Reasons for The Phenomenon of Excessive Fuel in Diesel Generators

Mar. 03, 2022

The parts that are most prone to defects in the operation of diesel generators are the fuel injection pump, fuel injector, governor, etc., especially the fuel injection pump. Once the fuel supply is too much, there will be waste of fuel, insufficient incineration, smoke and so on. It will not only affect the normal operation of the diesel generator but also reduce the life of the diesel generator.

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The common possible reasons for the excessive fuel supply of the fuel injection pump are as follows: 

1. The adjustment screw of the maximum fuel volume of the restraining rack in the governor is adjusted too large or the throttle handle restraint screw is adjusted too large.

2. The plunger of the fuel injection pump The adjustment of the oil supply is too large, or the adjustment ring gear lock screw is loosened and the adjustment ring gear is displaced, resulting in excessive oil supply of the fuel injection pump.

3. Too much oil in the governor makes the oil supply also increased accordingly.

If there is too much fuel when the diesel generator is started, it will be difficult to start the unit because the spark plug "drowns". For this reason, most computers are equipped with oil spill removal functions. When starting, depress the accelerator pedal to fully open the throttle or when the throttle opening is 80% to 100%, the ECu will announce the command to supply a lean mixture (such as an air-fuel ratio of 20:1) to eliminate excess fuel until the It is recommended that the machine speed reach 400r/min. There are also some fuel-injected engines that do not inject fuel at all when the throttle opening exceeds 80% when starting, and the intention is also to eradicate oil spills.

During starting, the fuel injection amount of the diesel generator is not determined by the signal of the air flow meter or the certain pressure sensor signal of the intake manifold, but once it is started, it is immediately converted to the signal of the air flow meter or the certain pressure sensor signal of the intake manifold. The engine speed signal determines the basic fuel injection amount, plus some corrections.

If the signal of the air flow meter or the signal of the certain pressure sensor of the intake manifold is wrong, it may cause the engine of the diesel generator to not run smoothly immediately after starting, resulting in a failure to start, that is, difficulty in starting. When the engine ECu determines that the air flow meter or the certain pressure sensor of the intake manifold has failed and the fault code is recalled, the fault failure maintenance function or the backup system is generally activated, and the diesel generator can generally be started at this time.

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