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Reasons for the Failure to Start Perkins Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 24, 2023

Starlight has always emphasized to the majority of customers that the correct methods should be used when using Perkins diesel generator sets, and attention should be paid to maintenance. However, many customers may encounter such problems due to their incomplete understanding of the use methods of the sets. What if the Perkins genset fails to start? When encountering such a fault, the customer can investigate the cause of the fault one by one according to the following methods.

perkins genset

1. Check whether the battery voltage reaches the rated voltage DC12V (depending on different voltage levels). Because when the Perkins generator is in the automatic state at ordinary times, the communication between the electronic control module ECM monitoring the entire unit state and the EMCP control panel depends on battery power supply to maintain. When an external battery charger fails, the battery power cannot be replenished, causing a voltage drop. The battery must be charged at this time. The charging time depends on the discharge condition of the battery and the rated current of the charger. Generally, replace the battery in case of emergency. When the battery has been used for a long time and its capacity has seriously decreased, it cannot be started even when the rated voltage is reached. The battery must be replaced at this time.

2. Check for poor connections between the battery terminals and the connecting cables. If the battery electrolyte is replenished excessively during routine maintenance, it can easily overflow the battery surface, corrode the terminals, increase the contact resistance, and cause poor cable connection. In this case, sandpaper can be used to polish the corrosion layer between the terminal and the cable connector, and then fully contact the fastener screws again.

3. The positive and negative pole cables of the starting motor may have loose connections because of vibrations generated during the operation of the Perkins generator, causing loose connections and poor contact. The probability of starting motor failure is low, but it cannot be ruled out. To determine the action of the starting motor, touch the housing of the starting motor with your hand at the moment of starting the engine. If the starting motor is not moving and the housing is cold, it indicates that the motor is not operating. Or the starting motor is severely hot and has a pungent burning smell, when the motor coil has been burned out. It is recommended to replace the motor directly after it takes a long time to repair.

4. Caused by air in the fuel system. This is a common fault encountered, usually caused by improper handling when replacing the fuel filter element (such as not performing exhaust work after replacing the fuel filter element), which causes air to enter. After the air enters the pipeline with the fuel, the fuel content in the pipeline decreases, and the pressure decreases. If the pressure is insufficient, the fuel injector will open the nozzle to 10297 Kpa or more, resulting in high-pressure spray atomization, which causes the engine to fail to start. At this time, it is necessary to conduct exhaust treatment until the inlet pressure of the fuel transfer pump reaches above 345Kpa.

In fact, in order to minimize the probability of failure of the Perkins diesel generator set, customers should first have a comprehensive understanding of the set, try to avoid some incorrect operations, and also improve their own operation and maintenance level.

Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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