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Reasons for The Excessive Oil Supply of Generator Set Oil Pump

Dec. 31, 2021

As a kind of mechanical equipment, the generator set itself is composed of many different kinds of parts. Among the components that are more prone to failure are fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, governors, etc., especially fuel injection pumps. Once the fuel is supplied excessively, there will be insufficient combustion, poor color, etc., and more serious, smoke exhaust pipes will appear. The phenomenon of fire breathing. Excessive fuel injection not only wastes fuel, affects the normal power generation work of the generator set, but also greatly reduces the service life of the generator set.

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The common reasons for the excessive fuel supply of the fuel injection pump are as follow:

1. Too much adjustment of the adjustment screw of the governor limit frame or too much adjustment of the limit screw of the throttle handle.

2. The fuel injection pump plunger adjusts the fuel supply amount to be too large, or the adjustment gear ring locking screw is loose, which causes the adjustment gear ring displacement to cause the fuel injection pump to supply too much fuel.

3. The fuel supply of the fuel injection pump is too large. Due to the excessive oil in the governor, the fuel supply will increase.

During the start-up period, the fuel injection volume of the generator set can not help being determined by the air flow meter signal or the intake manifold pressure sensor signal, but once it is started, it will be immediately changed to the air flow meter signal or the intake manifold pressure. The sensor signal and the engine speed signal determine the basic fuel injection quantity, plus some corrections.

If the air flow meter signal or the intake manifold inevitably pressure sensor signal is wrong, it may cause the engine of the generator set to fail to run smoothly immediately after starting, resulting in starting failure, that is, starting difficulty. When the engine ECu judges that the air flow meter or the intake manifold pressure sensor is in effect and recalls the defect code, it usually activates the fault failure maintenance function or activates the backup system. At this time, the generator set can generally be started.

When the amount of fuel injected by the generator set is too much, it can be checked based on the above three failure causes, so as to improve the working efficiency of the generator set.

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