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Reasons for The Engine Power Decrease of Diesel Generator

Jul. 15, 2022

If we use the generator set indoors, it must have enough fresh air under this working condition. If the engine room is sealed too tightly, it will cause poor air circulation, which will not only affect the diesel combustion rate of the diesel engine, but also reduce the cooling effect of the unit. It will rise to the red warning value, which will lead to failure. Therefore, windows are generally not installed in the machine room, and anti-theft nets are used instead of glass. The height of the windows from the ground should not be too high, which will also affect the unit's "breathing" of fresh air. When some customers use the generator set outdoors, they do not consider the surrounding environmental factors and just use it blindly.

container diesel generator

Found out that the power of the diesel engine has been slowly dropping, not sure why. In fact, this is because the generator set inhales a lot of dirty air or inhales dust and sand to reduce the power of the diesel engine. If the generator set inhales dirt, the insulation of the stator and rotor gaps will be damaged, and the generator will be burned in serious cases. Therefore, when using the generator set outdoors, it is necessary to ensure the environmental quality around the generator set, or take necessary protective measures to filter the air.

Because the generator set works through the diesel engine and converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy, a certain amount of heat will be generated during the work process. Therefore, a fan water tank is required to cool the generator set. Therefore, the ambient temperature also has a certain influence on the operation of the generator set.

Under normal circumstances, the working environment temperature of the generator set is -15℃~40℃. If it exceeds the scope of this standard, the accessories of the generator set should be considered to be modified accordingly. For example, when the ambient temperature is lower than -15℃, the unit should add a water jacket heater to ensure that the temperature of the water tank of the generator unit is within the normal range, so that the generator can be started normally. When the ambient temperature is higher than 40°C, it is necessary to consider replacing the water tank of the unit. Because the ambient temperature of the water tank of the normal generator set is between -15°C and 40°C, the pure copper water tank of the unit should be replaced during this period, and the unit should be replaced during this period. The pure copper water tank to ensure the normal use of the unit. Never cause damage to the generator set due to this negligence.

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