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Reasons for The Cylinder Wear of Ricardo Diesel Generator

Jun. 02, 2023

It is normal that Ricardo diesel generator will be worn after being used for a period of time. However, if Ricardo diesel generator has unreasonable excessive wear, this situation is abnormal. It may be due to improper use by users, or it may be due to some faults of Ricardo diesel generator.

ricardo genset generator

If the diesel oil of Ricardo diesel generator contains sulfur or other impurities, acid and other corrosive substances will be produced during combustion, which will accelerate the wear of the cylinder of Ricardo diesel generator. If there are too many heavy components in the diesel oil of Ricardo diesel generator, it is easy to form carbon deposits after combustion, which will cause the wear of the cylinder of Ricardo diesel generator. Ricardo diesel generator uses wear-resistant piston ring and cylinders. The viscosity of Ricardo diesel generator diesel can be used for the formation of mixture and the work of oil supply equipment.

For Ricardo diesel generator lubricating oil, the biggest impact is viscosity and oxidation resistance. It should be reasonably selected and used according to the working conditions of Ricardo diesel generator diesel engine and should not be misused. With the increase of Ricardo diesel generator load, the unit pressure on the friction surface increases, and the thermal state becomes worse. When the speed of the diesel generator increases, the friction number per unit time increases by half. Under the same power, the wear amount of the diesel generator when the speed increases is greater than that when the load increases. However, a low rotational speed cannot guarantee good liquid lubrication conditions, which also increases wear.

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