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Reasons for The Coolant Non-circulation of Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 21, 2021

When the generator set is in operation, the coolant is continuously circulated to cool the temperature rise of the unit. If the coolant in the cooling system of the unit cannot circulate, the temperature of the cylinder will rise quickly and the temperature of the oil will rise, which will cause the generator set to suddenly rise. Stopping will directly affect the safety of the generator set. The generator set analyzes the cause of the failure of the cooling liquid of this unit not to circulate.

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Failure analysis of generator set coolant non-circulation:

(1) The radiator fins of the generator set are blocked or damaged

The cooling fan of the generator set does not work or the radiator is blocked, the coolant temperature does not come down, the water tank is rusted and damaged, causing leakage, and it can also cause poor blood circulation.

(2) Disadvantages of the thermostat of the generator set.

The combustion chamber of the generator set is equipped with an intended constant temperature control engine combustion chamber. Assuming that the thermostat is opened at a regular temperature (82 degrees), this will help small cycles. Without a thermostat, the coolant cannot maintain the circulating temperature, which may cause a low temperature alarm.

(3) The coolant level of the generator set is low

The low level of the coolant in the generator set can be a direct result of increasing the temperature of the cooling water. This will cause the non-circulation of the coolant. The coolant of the component is 50% antifreeze + 50% softened water DCA4. Assuming it is irregular, the pipeline Will be blocked and the inner wall of the inner pipe will rust, so the coolant cannot circulate normally.

(4) There is mixed gas in the cooling system of the generator set

Assuming that there is mixed gas in the cooling system of the generator set, the pipes of the cooling system of the generator set will be blocked. The damage of the suction expansion tank valve and the discharge valve will affect the direct pressure of the cycle. Then you should always check it. Assuming the pressure value conforms to the rules, the suction pressure 10kpa, exhaust pressure 40kpa, in addition to exhaust pipe work is also an important factor to judge blood circulation.

(5) Water pump failure of generator set

Check whether the water pump of the generator set is working well. The water pump will not work normally. Assuming that the drive gear pump is worn out, it is necessary to replace it with a new one to keep it normal.

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