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Reasons for Speeding Alarm and Shutdown of Cummins Diesel Genset

Dec. 03, 2021

What do you think is the reason for the speeding alarm and shutdown of Cummins diesel generator set? The speed of Cummins diesel generator set is usually controlled by the electronic speed control system. When the system fails, the speed of the Cummins diesel generator set may exceed the rated value, and in severe cases, a "flying car" accident may occur. It is not only damages diesel engine parts, but also affects the normal operation of Cummins diesel generator sets. Failure to deal with it in time will also lead to the scrapping of Cummins diesel generator sets, and will seriously endanger the safety of operators. In order to prevent Cummins diesel generator sets from "speeding" accidents, an speeding protection circuit is usually installed in the control circuit.

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If the Cummins diesel generator set has an speeding cut-off protection in the PT pump, an speeding control board is also set in the speed control box. In Cummins diesel generator sets, the engine controller or speed controller used has an speeding protection function. In addition, a considerable part of Cummins diesel generator sets use speeding protection circuit boards. When the diesel engine "speeds up", the speeding protection circuit will cut off the diesel engine and stop it, thereby protecting the diesel engine.

In the electromagnetic speed sensor used by Cummins diesel generator set, a terminal of a sensor is connected to the shell. For this kind of sensor, the terminal should be directly connected to the 4 terminal of the speeding protection circuit board when wiring, or the circuit is opposite to the speed sensor. The interference may cause the speeding protection circuit to work abnormally. For Cummins diesel generator sets that have not been used for a long time, check the speeding protection circuit board before starting. That is, the key points of the circuit board are measured after the grounding switch is turned on. If there is any discrepancy, the cause should be found out before starting. In addition, after starting up, you can turn the potentiometer in the speed controller clockwise to adjust the rated speed to increase the speed to the protection value, and check whether the speeding protection circuit operates. If the action value is too high or too low, RP should be adjusted to make the protection value reach the specified value.

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