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Reasons for Piston Fracture of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 24, 2022

Do you know what causes the piston of the Cummins diesel generator set to break? There will be many failures during the use of the Cummins diesel generator set. The burning and fracture of the Cummins diesel generator set piston is one of them. The Cummins diesel generator piston is seriously worn or damaged. The broken oil swelled up, causing the piston to burn. The selection of inferior lubricating oil accelerates the wear of the cylinder of the diesel generator set, increases the pressure of the exhaust gas in the crankcase, and increases the carbon deposition in the combustion chamber, which leads to the burning of the piston. The fuel injector is dripping or poorly atomized, and the fuel in the Cummins generator burns at the top of the piston for a long time, resulting in high temperature at the top of the piston, thereby causing the piston to burn. Improper piston top clearance. When assembling the diesel engine, if the piston top clearance is improperly adjusted, it will affect the compression ratio of the diesel engine, resulting in the piston pulling the cylinder or the piston burning. This requires the diesel generator set to be adjusted in strict accordance with the requirements during assembly.

diesel generator maintenance

The fuel supply amount and time of each cylinder of the diesel generator set are uneven, which deteriorates the combustion process of some cylinders and forms carbon deposits. The heat of diesel combustion makes the temperature of the piston top in some cylinders too high, resulting in thermal fatigue of the diesel generator set materials. melted, causing the piston to burn out. There is a problem with the quality of the piston cylinder liner. If the piston of the diesel generator set has defects such as pores, looseness, micro-cracks, and slag inclusion during casting, these defects will become fatigue sources under the action of high temperature and high pressure, resulting in fatigue damage to the piston; The slag inclusions melted first, causing the piston to burn. The reason why the backup power supply voltage of the Cummins diesel generator set is low is that the speed of the prime mover is too low. Adjust the speed of the prime mover to the rated value.

Some rectifier diodes are broken down, check and replace the broken down diodes. If there is a short circuit or ground fault in the stator winding or the excitation winding, check the fault and remove it. Exciter brushes not at neutral, handle or spring pressure too low. Adjust the brush to the correct position, replace the brush, adjust the spring pressure. The resistance of the excitation circuit is too large, and the resistance of the magnetic field rheostat should be reduced to increase the excitation current. For semiconductor excitation generators, check whether the additional winding joints are disconnected or wrongly connected. The contact surface of the brush is too small, the pressure is insufficient, and the contact is poor. If the treatment is caused by the surface of the commutator, the surface of the commutator can be polished with abrasive cloth at low speed, or the spring pressure can be adjusted.

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