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Reasons for Oil Spitting Out from the Generator Oil Pan

Nov. 22, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the causes and solutions of the problem of engine oil (or oil-water mixture) spraying out from the generator oil pan. If you have any further information, please come to consult our Dingbo website. Next, we will introduce relevant information to everyone.


Excessive oil injection into the oil pan of the generator can also cause oil to come out of the oil dipstick. Pull out the oil dipstick to see if it exceeds the maximum mark by a large amount. If so, the excess part needs to be removed (special reminder: this inspection requires the generator to stop working for about 5 minutes).

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If the gap between the generator cylinder liner and piston is too large, a cylinder pressure test can be used to detect the cylinder compression ratio. If the compression ratio is low, the cylinder liner piston component (commonly known as the "four matching") should be replaced. If this problem is found after only replacing the piston ring during maintenance, it should be confirmed whether the piston ring is installed incorrectly. Usually, the ring ports of the three piston rings should be 120 degrees apart.

Check if the oil pan is filled with cooling water. When the cooling water leaks into the oil, the oil turns white and the capacity increases, causing oil to leak out of the oil dipstick. Pull out the oil dipstick to see if it exceeds the maximum mark by a lot. If so, follow the first step to troubleshoot.

The excessive clearance of the valve guide causes compressed air to pass through the guide to the rocker arm chamber (which is connected to the oil pan), generating high-pressure air, forcing the oil in the oil pan to emerge from the oil gauge port. If so, replace the valve guide.

If there is a turbocharger generator installed, if the turbocharger shaft and oil duct sealing ring are severely worn and damaged, causing high-pressure exhaust gas to enter the oil duct, forcing the oil in the oil pan out of the oil gauge port. If so, replace or repair the turbocharger.

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