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Reasons for Oil Leakage of The Generator Set Fuel Supply System

Mar. 09, 2022

Once the air enters the fuel system of generating set, the engine will be difficult to start or run erratically, or it may break down on the road. Taking the common plunger pump fuel supply system as an example, the various phenomena of air in the oil circuit will be systematically analyzed, and various elimination methods will be determined.

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1. If there is air in the fuel supply system, the diesel engine will be difficult to start or easily extinguished?

The air is very compressible and elastic. When there is a leak point in the oil pipe from the fuel tank to the diesel engine fuel pump, air will seep in, thereby reducing the vacuum in this pipe, weakening the suction of the fuel in the fuel tank, or even interrupting the flow, causing the engine to fail to start. . In the case of less air mixed in, the oil flow can still be maintained and sent to the fuel injection pump by the fuel transfer pump, but the engine may be difficult to start, or it may turn off by itself shortly after starting.

When the amount of air mixed in the oil circuit is slightly more, it will cause the fuel cut off of several cylinders or the fuel injection amount to be significantly reduced, making the diesel engine unable to start at all.

2. How to find the leak point in the pipeline and plug it?

The fuel supply system of the diesel engine of the generator set is divided into a low-pressure oil circuit and a high-pressure oil circuit. The low-pressure oil circuit refers to a section of the oil circuit from the fuel tank to the low-pressure oil chamber of the fuel injection pump, and the high-pressure oil circuit refers to a section of the oil circuit from the plunger chamber in the high-pressure pump to the fuel injection nozzle. In the supply system of the plunger pump, there will be no air infiltration in the high-pressure oil circuit, and there will be leakage points, which will only lead to the leakage of fuel. Find a way to block the leakage points. The following focuses on the leakage problem in the low-pressure oil circuit.

Most of the low-pressure oil circuits in the diesel engine fuel supply system of the generator set use soft rubber hoses, and the hoses are prone to friction with the parts, resulting in oil leakage and air intake. It is easier to find oil leaks, but it is not easy to find a damaged intake air somewhere in the pipeline. The following is the method for judging the leakage point of the low pressure oil circuit.

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