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Reasons for Excessive Deterioration of Diesel Generator Set Oil

Oct. 24, 2023

When discussing the daily maintenance of diesel generator sets, the key factors are actually the replacement of the three filters and the timely replacement of engine oil and antifreeze. Both engine oil and antifreeze have a replacement cycle time. Normally, engine oil replacement is required in a timely manner after the diesel generator set has been running for about 250 to 300 hours. Normally, antifreeze is replaced every year.

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However, this is not absolute either. Sometimes, the oil also needs to be replaced in advance, as it involves early deterioration of the oil. Below, let's briefly introduce the reasons for the premature deterioration of diesel generator set oil:

1. When the diesel generator set is working, there is excessive wear and poor sealing between the piston, piston ring, and cylinder block, resulting in incomplete combustion and entering the engine oil tank. This can lead to rapid blackening and thickening of the oil, directly leading to early deterioration of the oil.

2. When we maintain the diesel generator set, have we cleaned the oil tank and oil pipeline? If not, it will also contaminate the newly added oil and cause early deterioration of the oil.

3. When changing the oil, it is important to note that the oil is graded and must be filled with oil that meets the grade. When choosing oil, we are also willing to spend more money to purchase high-quality lubricants, such as the diesel generator set specific oil sold by our company. This will avoid the problem of premature deterioration of the oil due to substandard oil.

The above content is the reason why the diesel generator set oil deteriorates too quickly organized by Dingbo Power Generation Equipment, for your reference.

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