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Reasons for Burning Tiles When Diesel Generator Sets Operation

Jan. 27, 2022

Why do diesel generator sets burn tiles during operation? Diesel generator set burning tile is a serious unit failure. Once the tile is burned, it will seriously hinder the operation of the diesel generator set. The burning of tiles in diesel generator sets is inseparable from the following six reasons. First, the use of lubricating oil does not correspond to the season. In different seasons, the corresponding lubricating oil should be used. For example, in summer, the lubricating oil with higher viscosity should be used so that an oil film can be formed on the contact surface of the bearing bush. If there is a disorder, it will cause the failure of the diesel generator set. Impurities are mixed in the lubricating oil. If you do not pay attention to the cleaning of the lubricating oil and directly inject the lubricating oil into the machine, the oil circuit will be blocked, which will lead to burning of the tiles.

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Without paying attention to the oil pressure gauge, by observing whether there is any abnormality in the gauge, the failure of the unit can be found at an early stage and hidden dangers can be eliminated, but many operators tend to ignore this point, resulting in burning of tiles. The amount of oil is not suitable. According to the manufacturer of the diesel generator set, the oil level should be between the upper and lower scale lines of the oil dipstick. If the oil is too small, the components of the unit will not be fully lubricated, resulting in burning tiles; if the oil is too much, it is easy to produce Carbon deposits.

If the diesel generator set is overloaded for a long time, if the diesel generator set is overloaded, the temperature of the engine will increase, the bearing capacity of the bearing bush will be increased, the oil supply of the oil pump will be reduced, and the bearing capacity of the bearing bush will increase, which will easily lead to the burning symptoms. The gap between the shaft and the pad is abnormal. If the gap is too small, it will be difficult for the oil to enter and the oil film cannot be formed; if the gap is too large, the oil will be lost, and it will be difficult to form an oil film, resulting in the burning of the tile.

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