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Reasons for Abnormal Noise of Cummins Diesel Generator Valve

Oct. 28, 2021

Some abnormal noises from Cummins diesel generators are often due to some faults in the equipment. Sometimes, the valve of the Cummins diesel generator will make a knocking sound. So what does this phenomenon mean for the Cummins diesel generator? Below, Starlight power generation equipment will analyze for everyone:

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1. The air valve clearance of Cummins diesel generator engine should be checked in the cold state. The intake valve should be 0.25+0.05mm, and the exhaust valve clearance should be 0.5+0.05mm. If the clearance is too large, the valve rocker arm group is working. There will be a percussive sound.

2. The air valve adjusting screw is loose or the end face of the adjusting bolt is not flat.

3. The valve push rod or adjusting bolt is severely worn.

4. Poor lubrication of air valve and rocker arm mechanism.

5. The fitting clearance between the valve stem and the pipe is required to be 0.039-0.079mm, and it will produce knocking sound if it is too large.

The above is the reason why the Cummins diesel generator valve makes an abnormal noise. Next, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will continue to share the specific troubleshooting steps for the Cummins diesel generator valve. The content is as follows:

1. The knocking sound of the air valve does not go up to the cylinder. It is clearer to hear it in the air valve chamber.

2. After removing the valve chamber cover, which cylinder can be judged by hearing.

3. Insert a thickness gauge into the gap of the air valve seat to check. If it does not sound, the cylinder is noisy.

4. Check the lubrication of the air valve rocker arm mechanism.

5. Check the abrasion of the joint surfaces of the air valve, push rod, adjusting bolt, rocker arm, etc.

When the Cummins diesel generator gas valve is damaged, the seal is not tight, or the closing is not tight, the power of the Cummins diesel generator decreases and it will appear "weak". Therefore, Starlight Power Generation Equipment reminds users: When replacing the air filter, check whether there are organic oil stains in the box where the air filter element is stored. If there is, check the working state of the air valve. The above-mentioned problems may exist.

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