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Reasons for Abnormal Exhaust Temperature of Power Generating Sets

Dec. 25, 2021

Do you know the reasons for the abnormal exhaust temperature of diesel generator sets? The quality of fuel and the fuel quality of each cylinder directly affect the combustion process of diesel generators. If you use fuel that does not meet the quality requirements, the fuel cannot be fully utilized and burned completely during the entire combustion or compounding process, which will cause the exhaust gas temperature of the diesel generator to be too high. The viscosity of the fuel is usually adjusted by controlling the fuel temperature, so that the quality of the fuel can be reasonably controlled. When the diesel generator is running, due to some reasons, the uneven fuel supply of each cylinder occurs, and the difference in fuel injection amount is large, which will cause the load of each cylinder of the diesel generator to be different, and the exhaust temperature difference of each cylinder will be relatively large. The uneven exhaust temperature of the cylinder will affect the phenomenon of excessively high exhaust gas temperature of the whole machine.

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Therefore, in a multi-cylinder four-stroke diesel generator, adjusting the fuel supply of each cylinder can control the uniformity of the exhaust gas temperature of each cylinder. Fuel atomization quality and fuel supply timing Good fuel atomization is the basis for a good combustion process. If the fuel injection system has insufficient fuel injection pressure, abnormal fuel injectors, etc., the fuel atomization will be poor, resulting in poor fuel and air mixing. If it is sufficient, it will affect the quality of combustion, which will cause abnormal exhaust gas temperature. The fuel injection system generally injects fuel into the cylinder before the top dead center. If the fuel injection advance angle is too large, the state of the working fluid in the cylinder during fuel injection will not be conducive to ignition, which will prolong the flame retardation period and increase the maximum explosion pressure. , The combustion is rough, and the exhaust gas temperature will be low.

If the fuel injection advance angle is too small, the temperature and pressure in the cylinder will have dropped before the fuel injection ignites, and the flame retardation period will be prolonged, the afterburning will be serious, and the exhaust smoke temperature will rise. Inadequate closing of the air intake valve, severe wear or breakage of the piston ring, improper adjustment of the valve gap, and excessive gap between the valve ducts, etc., will cause the cylinder to be poorly sealed, insufficient air intake, and reduced compression pressure. , The temperature at the end of compression is low and post-combustion occurs, which leads to an increase in the exhaust gas temperature of diesel generators. In addition, the air intake is dirty and clogged, the exhaust gas discharge channel is not smooth, and the supercharger compressor or turbine end is too fouled, which will cause the intake and exhaust to be unsmooth, resulting in a decrease in the intake air volume and an increase in the exhaust gas temperature.

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