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The Reason for The Volvo Diesel Generator Set Lack of Cylinders

May. 26, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the reasons for the lack of cylinders in Volvo diesel generator sets.

The reason for the lack of cylinders of Volvo diesel generator sets: when starting in winter, plus long-term non-working, after a cold start, individual generator cylinders do not work because of the idling speed when starting for the first time. After a while, all cylinders slowly recover normal after the temperature rises.

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Due to the excessive load, some mechanical failures such as piston ring breakage, cylinder pulling or valve sealing may occur in individual cylinders, so that the compression pressure of the cylinder cannot meet the requirements, resulting in the cylinder not working. Due to the quality of the oil used by the user, the fuel injector is blocked or stuck, so that the cylinder does not inject oil, so the cylinder does not work.

The plunger of the fuel injection pump and the oil outlet valve are faulty, resulting in the wrong timing of the fuel supply to the cylinder or little fuel supply, so that the cylinder does not work. Factors in the electronic control system (such as no power supply, poor connection of the wiring socket, etc.) cause the fuel injector of a certain cylinder to not inject fuel. Ablation or blockage of the intake and exhaust valves of a cylinder causes the cylinder to seal and not work.

Hazards of Volvo diesel generator set lacking cylinders: Once the Volvo diesel generator set runs without cylinders, it will cause the Volvo diesel generator set to work unstable, prone to vibration and other problems, and may cause resonance in severe cases, which will affect the performance of other parts of the machine. service life. The lack of cylinder operation of Volvo diesel generator set is easy to cause the unbalanced force on the body.

Remedy for the lack of cylinders in the Volvo diesel generator set: If you suspect that the valve of the Volvo diesel generator set is not sealed, add a little oil to the cylinder and shake it a few times, then remove the fuel injector and shake the cylinder piston to the top dead center ( The piston can be detected from the injector port), press the low-pressure anhydrous compressed air pipe head against the injector port, and use the listening rod to press the intake and exhaust branch pipes. The valve is leaking; if you hear the atmospheric flow sound of "bhu...", you can crank the crankshaft again and listen again.

To check whether the plug ring is leaking, you can add a little oil to the cylinder from the injector installation hole and restart it. If it works normally, you can confirm the judgment. If the cylinder block of the generator is still abnormal, and the exhaust gas emits black smoke or the oil dripping from the exhaust pipe is serious, and the oil level increases, it means that the fuel injector of the generator set is faulty.

If you open the water tank cover of the Volvo diesel generator set and see bubbles in the radiator, or if there is a sound in the crankcase, it means that the cylinder head gasket is burned through. If none of the above diagnostics solve the problem, further inspection of the cylinder should be done for insufficient compression ratio, other mechanical problems such as connecting rod bending.

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