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Reasons and Solutions for The Damage of Cummins Generator Set Regulator

Dec. 14, 2021

Cummins generator set voltage stability is the premise of just starting. As a key control component of voltage regulation, the generator regulator is very important. Once the regulator is damaged, it will cause the Cummins generator set equipment to fail to operate normally. The situation cannot be completely avoided. We have summarized some common causes of Cummins generator set regulator damage and some solutions, hoping to help everyone.

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1. Reasons for damage to the voltage regulator of Cummins generator set. The voltage regulator circuit of the Cummins generator set consists of three parts: the main rectifier circuit, the voltage detection circuit and the comparison control circuit. In the whole block tuning machine circuit, the operating frequencies of the main circuit and the comparison control circuit vary greatly. Among them, the damage to the rectifier bridge of the main circuit and the transistor in the comparison circuit accounts for more than 90% of the damage rate. The reasons for the failure of the AVR are as follows: First, the voltage of the Cummins generator set is unstable. Because the smaller the frequency of change inside the regulator circuit, the smaller the switching action of the transistor in the comparison circuit, and the smaller the probability of AVR damage. If the voltage of the Cummins generator set is unstable, it will be damaged. The second is the unstable speed of the Cummins generator set. Due to the unstable speed of the Cummins generator set, the emitted current fluctuates greatly, and the changing current will oscillate and impact the Turmans, which will cause damage to the AVR. The third is the abnormal operation of Cummins generator set. Frequent "traveling" and load operation will cause the Cummins generator set's three-phase load to differ too much and cause damage to the regulator.

2. The solution after the regulator is damaged. Although the regulator is a non-wearable part, due to various reasons such as improper use, abnormal damage to the regulator occurs from time to time. When the other parts of the Cummins generator set are normal, if the Cummins generator set regulator is damaged and the generator fork cannot be used in a hurry, the following emergency measures can be taken. First remove the AVR board, and only use F1. F2 as the temporary excitation input terminal; with the help of the household Cummins generator battery, install an excitation switch and resistor, when it is in an abnormal state, close the switch and the Cummins generator set reaches the rated speed After turning on the switch, the voltage build-up adjustment rheostat sets the voltage around 420V. You can also use the voltage regulator on the Cummins generator set control panel, or change the wiring for voltage stabilization.

The main reasons for the damage of the Cummins generator set regulator are the above reasons, and I hope that the above solutions can help you solve practical problems. Of course, the starlight power generation equipment reminds everyone: For the mechanical product of the unit, it is inevitable to damage it, and regular and regular cleaning, maintenance and repair work should be done to avoid malfunctions during use that affect the normal operation of the machine.

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