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How to Quickly Judge The Abnormal Sound of Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 15, 2021

Diesel generator sets will inevitably have such small problems in daily use. As a user, how can the user quickly and accurately determine the problem, solve the problem in time, reduce losses and better maintain the diesel generator set? Below, Xingguang power generation equipment will explain to you the reason and solution of abnormal noise from our diesel generator set in daily use.

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1. When you hear abnormal noises during the operation of the diesel generator set, you must first acknowledge where the noise comes from, such as inside the valve chamber, inside the body, at the front cover, and at the junction between the generator and the diesel engine. In the cylinder. When the position is recognized, it is necessary to judge according to the operating principle of the diesel generator set.

2. When the abnormal sound is heard in the upper part of the diesel generator set or inside the valve chamber, it can be considered that the valve clearance is not properly adjusted, the valve spring is broken, the rocker arm seat is loose or the valve push rod is not placed in the center of the tappet, etc.

3. When an abnormal sound is heard at the front cover of the diesel generator set, it can generally be considered that the space of various gears is too large, the gear tightening nut is loose, or a single gear has a tooth break.

4. When you hear the abnormal sound inside the body, you should stop the machine sensitively, open the side cover of the diesel generator set and push the center of the connecting rod by hand. Assuming the sound is on the upper part of the connecting rod, it can be concluded that the piston and the There is a problem with the connecting rod copper sleeve. If the noise is found in the lower part of the connecting rod during the shaking process, it can be concluded that the clearance between the connecting rod bush and the journal is too large or the crankshaft itself is faulty.

5. When the abnormal sound is at the junction of the diesel engine and the generator of the diesel generator set, it can be considered that the internal interface apron between the diesel engine and the generator is faulty.

6. When the abnormal sound comes from the inside of the cylinder, it can be concluded that the oil supply angle is adjusted improperly or the wear area between the piston and the cylinder liner increases.

7. When you hear the sound of rotating inside the generator after the diesel engine stops, it can be considered that the internal bearing or single pin of the generator is loose.

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