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Protection Measures for Reverse Power of Low Noise Generators

Apr. 19, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the content of the protection measures for the reverse power of low-noise generators. If what else you need to know about that, welcome to visit our Starlight website. Next, we will introduce the relevant information to you.

genset silent

The super quiet generator reverse power maintenance is used to maintain the steam turbine. When the main valve is closed by mistake or the main valve is closed by the furnace maintenance measure and the generator outlet switch is not tripped, the generator becomes the motor running state, and the generator absorbs active power and energy from the system. Reactive power, this working condition has no effect on the low-noise generator, but due to the loss of blasting, the tail blade of the gas turbine may overheat, damage the tail blade and cause a steam turbine accident. Therefore, large generators are not allowed to run for a long time under this condition, and are only allowed to run for a few minutes at most. my country's self-designed generators were not equipped with reverse power maintenance in the past, but adopted the following methods:

Use interlocking method. When the main valve is closed, the auxiliary contact of the main valve is used to cut off the Shanghai generator after a delay. Although the above-mentioned methods are feasible, they have shortcomings, because none of them can correctly reflect the closed state of the main valve. The central element of the reverse power protection is the reverse power relay. The reverse power relay is similar to the power direction relay, but when the power direction is reversed, it will send a signal in time or delay the action to cut off the machine. After the main steam valve is closed, send a signal in the control room. If the main steam valve is closed by mistake, the steam supply can be quickly restored after checking, so that the generator can run normally.

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