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Protection and Inspection Ways for Water Tank of Generator Set

Jan. 15, 2020

During the use of diesel generator set, cooling system and water tank are very important parts. If the water tank is not maintained and inspected ordinarily, it will easy to cause corrosion, leakage or water high temperature and other faults. So how to guarantee the normal working of the water tank? Today Starlight manufacturer answers for you.

How to inspect water tank of generator set?

1.Check the coolant level of diesel generator every day, add coolant if necessary, and add antifreeze in winter;

2.Check the concentration of rust inhibitor in the cooling liquid of generator set every 250 hours, and supplement the antirust agent if necessary;

3.Clean the whole cooling system of diesel generator every 2000 hours and replace with new coolant. Do not use deep well water or tap water. It is recommended to use pure water;

4.Check the generator coolant level weekly to maintain the correct coolant level;

5.Check whether there is pipeline leakage in the water tank of diesel generator set every year, check the concentration of rust inhibitor in the coolant, and add rust inhibitor if necessary;

6.Drain the cooling liquid of diesel generator set every two years, clean and flush the cooling system; replace the temperature regulator; replace the rubber hose; refill the cooling system with coolant.

 Diesel generator set

To guarantee the normal use of the cooling system of the generator set, and its service life and avoid unnecessary failure, we should maintain and inspect the water tank correctly and timely.

How to clean water tank of diesel generator set?

1.Clean the outside of the water tank.

Use hot water (add detergent) to wash. The method is to spray from the front of the radiator to the direction of the fan (for example, spraying from the opposite direction will only push the dirt into the central position). When using this method, use adhesive tape to block the diesel generator; If stubborn deposits cannot be removed by the above method, remove the radiator and immerse it in hot alkali water for about 20 minutes, then clean it with hot water.

2.Clean the inside of the water tank.

Drain the water from the radiator, then take apart the seal where the radiator is connected with the pipe. Pour 4% acid solution of 45 ℃ into the radiator, after 15 minutes, dry the acid solution and check the radiator. If there is still water pollution, wash again with 8% acid solution. After descaling, neutralize twice with 3% alkali solution, then rinse with water for more than three times. After all the work is completed, check whether the radiator leaks water. If there is water leakage, apply for peripheral repair. If there is no water leakage, replace it. After the radiator is installed, fill it with fresh water and add antirust agent.


The pressure cap on the water inlet of the water radiator can increase the pressure of the system to a certain range. It not only improves the boiling point of the coolant, makes the system work normally at a higher temperature and a certain altitude, but also improves the anti cavitation ability of the diesel engine and water pump. The pressure cover is equipped with a steam valve and an air valve. When the positive or negative pressure in the water radiator exceeds the specified value, the valve in the pressure cover will automatically open to achieve the purpose of steam discharge or air entry.


When the generator set is working, the pressure cover should be closed to avoid hindering the normal operation of the cooling system. Do not open the pressure cap of water tank during heavy load operation of generator set. It is better to screw off the pressure cap after shutdown until the water temperature is lower than 70 ℃. Please pay attention to this.

Before starting the diesel engine, do not fill the empty cooling system too fast. At this time, loosen the water temperature sensor at the water outlet end of the cylinder head to drain the air in the coolant flow passage. After filling up, stop for two minutes, and then add again after the air in the system overflows.


For the diesel engine working in low temperature environment, the drain valve shall be opened immediately after shutdown, and the cooling water in the water radiator shall be drained to prevent frost crack.


Starlight Power is a manufacturer of 25kVA-3125kVA diesel generator set( open type, silent type, trailer type and container type), if you are interested, please contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com. 

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