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Product Features of High Quality Quiet Diesel Generator Sets

May. 26, 2022

Silent diesel generator set is currently one of the more special power supply units in my country, and it is also a new type of diesel generator set under the background of modern manufacturing industry. Not only construction companies, but also manufacturing companies will choose to use silent diesel generator sets for a power supply. However, since there are many manufacturers of silent diesel generator sets on the market, and their strengths are also different. Starlight Power Generation Equipment will explain to you what are the product features of high-quality silent diesel generator sets?

super quiet generator

1. Advanced Technology

At present, the technology of silent diesel generator sets in my country is becoming more and more advanced, which is due to the introduction of foreign advanced technology. Moreover, many silent diesel generator set manufacturers have appeared in my country, which has given great help to my country's industrial development. High-quality silent diesel generator set, it adopts advanced manufacturing technology, and it has noise reduction technology such as vibration isolation, noise reduction, sound insulation and sound absorption, and so on. It has obvious low noise performance, which is one of the factors that more and more enterprises choose silent diesel generator sets.

2. Strong comprehensive performance

The high-quality silent diesel generator set not only has advanced technology, but also has very strong comprehensive performance, mainly because it has a variety of options, and its product performance and configuration meet international standards. All its equipment is made of stainless steel, and it is also equipped with anti-seawater and anti-rainwater intrusion devices, which is also its excellent waterproof function, and the standard configuration is a permanent excitation PMG system, which greatly improves the starting ability of the motor, and has a good resistance to waveform distortion. certain immunity.

3. Unique design

Moreover, the high-quality silent diesel generator set has a unique design. The front and rear of the generator box can be opened, and there are side doors on both sides, which is convenient for enterprises to carry out maintenance or overhaul. There is also a ladder outside the generator box, and the control screen and output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container, which is convenient for enterprise operators to operate and connect output cables, and many built-in high-performance anti-aging and flame-retardant materials. Due to its unique design, it has the characteristics of strong mobile performance and fast power supply, which is very suitable for the wide use of field mobile operations and many industries.

Starlight Power has advanced testing equipment, modern production technology, professional manufacturing technology, perfect quality management system, and strong technical research and development capabilities. It can provide 3KW~2500KW various specifications of ordinary, automatic, four protection, automatic switching, low noise and mobile generator sets, high quality and low energy consumption to meet the diverse power needs of customers, and can also meet users with different voltages and different frequencies. It is required to create a parallel power supply system for multiple units. If you are interested in our product or any question on generator, welcome to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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