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Principle and Performance Analysis of Perkins Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 23, 2022

Perkins diesel generator set has the advantages of excellent shock absorption performance, advanced control system, compact structure and excellent performance. Therefore, after entering the Chinese market, the Perkins diesel generator set was quickly accepted and recognized by the majority of customers, occupied a certain market share, and achieved good results. Therefore, today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will take you to understand the working principle and performance analysis of Perkins diesel generator sets.

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1. Working principle of Perkins diesel generator set

Perkins diesel generator set is a diesel engine that drives the generator to run and converts the energy of diesel into electricity.

In the cylinder of the diesel engine, the clean air filtered by the air filter and the high-pressure atomized diesel fuel injected by the fuel injector are fully mixed. Under the upward extrusion of the piston, the volume shrinks and the temperature rises rapidly, reaching the ignition point of the diesel. The diesel fuel is ignited, the mixed gas burns violently, the volume expands rapidly, and the piston is pushed down, which is called 'work'. Each cylinder performs work in a certain order, and the thrust acting on the piston becomes the force that pushes the crankshaft to rotate through the connecting rod, thereby driving the crankshaft to rotate. By installing the brushless synchronous alternator and the crankshaft of the diesel engine coaxially, the rotor of the generator can be driven by the rotation of the diesel engine. Using the principle of 'electromagnetic induction', the generator will output an induced electromotive force, and a current can be generated through a closed load loop. .

2. Performance analysis of Perkins diesel generator sets

(1) Electrical performance of Perkins generator set:

Comply with GB2820 and ISO8528/3 standards. And meet the technical requirements of the post and telecommunications system YD/T502 special diesel generator set for communication.

Rated voltage: 400/230V

Wiring: 3-phase 4-wire

Frequency: 50Hz

Rated power factor: 0.8 (hysteresis)

Suppression of radio interference: in line with VDE0875-N level and GB2820 regulations

(2) Standard of Perkins generator set:

Comply with GB/T2819, ISO8528, IEC34 and other international standards;

The rated output power of the generator set conforms to;

The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters;

Ambient temperature 0℃~40℃;

The relative humidity of the air is 60%;

(3) Perkins generator set alternator:

Excitation mode: brushless self-excitation

Insulation class: H class

Protection class: IP21~IP23

Voltage regulation: automatic regulation

(4) Perkins generator set control box:

There are different types of control boxes such as manual, automatic, remote monitoring, automatic and intelligent. The basic configuration includes voltmeter, ammeter, water temperature meter, oil pressure meter, controller, emergency stop button, preheat button, battery voltmeter, timetable, phase selector switch, etc.

Starlight Perkins series diesel generator sets are made of Perkins Perkins Power Co., Ltd. diesel engines and equipped with brushless self-excited AVR-controlled generators. The daily maintenance of the unit is also simple and easy, and more and more users are familiar with the operation and use technology of the unit. This is enough to show that Perkins diesel generator sets are favored by users. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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