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Preventive Measures For Reverse Power Transmission Of Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 07, 2023

Reverse power transmission, also known as reverse power transmission, is a phenomenon that when the power generation capacity of the user's own power generation equipment is greater than the power consumption it consumes, it will transmit power to the grid. Each diesel generator set will configure a load output switch for the customer. Before starting the diesel generator set, the load switch must be disconnected. Only when there is a power outage and no current is detected on the grid, can the current from the generator set be transmitted to the grid. At this point, it is necessary to ensure that the power grid switch is in a disconnected state, otherwise, when the mains power is restored, it is easy to experience reverse power transmission. Preventive measures for backward power transmission of diesel generator set are as follows:


The switching device between the diesel generator and the mains power mainly adopts the following three modes: double switch, mutually locking circuit breaker, and automatic switching device (ATS).


Adopting double switch switch switch: mainly suitable for users with low electrical load and low power supply reliability requirements, such as small processing farms and breeding farms in rural areas. Using this switching method, the wiring method is relatively simple. Main attention should be paid: the double switch switch should be installed as much as possible at the main incoming line of the power grid to avoid reverse power transmission to the power grid due to unauthorized connections by users.


diesel generator

Adopting circuit breaker switching with mutual locking: This switching method is mainly suitable for users with high electrical loads and dedicated transformers.


There are two ways to block each other:

1. Using auxiliary contacts on the circuit breaker to achieve locking, in this wiring method, for users who are not equipped with automatic switching requirements, only two more circuit breakers can be ensured to close simultaneously in any case, and it can be ensured that when the manual operating mechanism on the circuit breaker is used to forcibly close, the closed circuit breaker will be disconnected, ensuring the reliability and safety of locking.


2. By utilizing PlC (Programmable Logic Controller) and auxiliary contacts of the circuit breaker, mutual locking of the circuit breaker and automatic switching between the mains and the self-contained generator can be achieved. Due to the widespread application of PLC in industrial automation control, it is a reliable control device. However, it is still a relatively novel technology used as mutual locking and automatic switching in dual power supply systems, and has been proven to have good results through practical use.


Using ATS automatic switching device for switching: The ATS device adopts two circuits and one mechanism, with a compact structure, small volume, and manual and automatic operation functions. In automatic mode, when the mains power is cut off, it automatically switches to the generator side for power supply. When the mains power is restored, it automatically switches to the mains side and is powered by the mains power. A better ATS device also has the function of starting and stopping the generator automatically. This type of device has varying interrupting capacities and is suitable for occasions with high power supply reliability requirements, such as hotels, high-rise buildings, etc. The switching device has dual electrical and mechanical locking, high safety and reliability, simple wiring, and the disadvantage is high investment cost.


Reverse power transmission of diesel generator will cause two serious consequences:

1. If there is no power outage in the city grid, the power supply of the city grid and the power supply of the self-provided generator will cause asynchronous parallel operation, which will inevitably damage the unit. If the capacity of the self-provided generator is large, it can also cause oscillations in the city network.


2. The city power grid has been cut off and is undergoing maintenance, with its own generator being powered back. It will cause electric shock to the maintenance personnel of the power supply department.

The phenomenon of backward power transmission of diesel generator set cannot be underestimated. Users must take strict preventive measures to prevent diesel safety accidents. If you have any questions, please call Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd..


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