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Prevent Spontaneous Combustion When Diesel Generator Set is Running

Jan. 05, 2022

Do you know how to prevent the diesel generator set from burning? When the diesel generator set is running, if dust, water or other debris enters the interior, it will cause a short circuit of the diesel generator set, resulting in an increase in current and an increase in temperature, then burned the diesel generator set. Therefore, the diesel generator set must be cleaned regularly. Prevent foreign matter from entering the diesel generator set to prevent short circuits. It is also necessary to ensure that the diesel generator set itself has good heat dissipation and good ventilation in the engine room environment. Excessive load of diesel generator set, low voltage or driven mechanical jams will cause the diesel generator set to run overloaded.

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Therefore, when the diesel generator set is running, it is necessary to check whether the drive system of the diesel generator set operates flexibly, whether the concentricity of the coupling is standard, and whether the sub-wheel components are smart. In the case of some jams, the diesel generator set can only be started after inspection and maintenance. Pay more attention to observe whether the bearings of the diesel generator set are overheated or lack of oil. If the temperature near the bearings is found to be too high, check and repair. If the bearing shows signs of damage or the damage is serious, repair or replace it according to the actual situation. When the generator is working, listen to whether there is any abnormal noise. If there is any abnormal noise, it must be shut down for inspection and maintenance.

Look more. It depends on whether the unit components, grounding components, unit bases, bearing glands, and unit end covers are loose or not. Smell more, that is, when the diesel generator set is running, it is necessary to smell if there is any peculiar smell. If there is, stop immediately and check the source of the peculiar smell. If there is a situation, the operating set must be eliminated first. The difference between any one phase current of the three-phase current and the average value of other currents of the three-phase asynchronous diesel generator set is not allowed to exceed 10%. The control part of the diesel generator set plays a decisive role in starting, stopping, and protecting the diesel generator set. Therefore, it must be checked and repaired frequently.

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