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Precautions to Prevent Volvo Diesel Generator From Burning Out

Mar. 01, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the precautions for preventing Volvo diesel generators from burning down.

Keep your Volvo diesel generator hygienic. During the operation of Volvo diesel generator, if dust, water stains and other sundries enter into it, it will form a short-circuit medium, which can damage the insulation layer of the wire, form a short circuit between turns, increase the current, and increase the temperature, which will burn the Volvo diesel generator. machine. Therefore, dust, water stains and other debris should be avoided from entering the Volvo generator. At the same time, the outside of the Volvo diesel generator should be cleaned frequently. Do not let dust and other debris in the cooling ribs of the Volvo generators. Ensure excellent cooling of Volvo diesel generators.

volvo genset

Check frequently, listen carefully, and stop immediately if you smell peculiar smells. Check Volvo genset for vibration, noise and unusual smells. During the operation of Volvo diesel generators, especially high-power Volvo diesel generators, it is often necessary to check whether the anchor bolts, Volvo diesel generator end caps, bearing glands, etc. are loose, and whether the grounding device is reliable. If it is found that the Volvo diesel generator has aggravated oscillation, increased noise and peculiar smell, it is necessary to stop it immediately, find out the cause and eliminate the defect.

It is necessary to insist that the working current of the Volvo diesel generator is not too large. Volvo diesel generators will be overloaded due to excessive load, low voltage or driven mechanical stagnation. Therefore, during the operation of Volvo diesel generators, it is necessary to pay attention to always check whether the operation of the transmission is sensitive and reliable; whether the concentricity of the coupling is standardized; the sensitivity of the gear transmission, etc., if any stuck phenomenon is found, it should be stopped immediately to clear the shortcomings work again.

Check and repair Volvo diesel generator control equipment regularly to ensure it is working properly. The quality of Volvo diesel generator control equipment technology plays a decisive role in the normal operation of Volvo diesel generators. Therefore, the control equipment of Volvo diesel generators should be located in a dry, ventilated and easy-to-operate position, and dust removal should be punctual. Always check whether the contactor contacts, coil cores, and various wiring screws are reliable, and whether the mechanical parts are sensitive to move, so that they can maintain excellent technical conditions, and then ensure that the Volvo diesel generator operates smoothly without being burned.

Always check whether the temperature and temperature rise of Volvo diesel generators are too high during operation. It is necessary to frequently check whether the bearing of Volvo diesel generator is overheated and lack of oil. If the temperature rise near the bearing is found to be too high, it should be stopped immediately to check. Whether the rolling body and raceway surface of the bearing are cracked, scratched or damaged, whether the bearing gap is too large to shake, whether the inner ring rolls on the shaft, etc. With the above phenomenon, it is necessary to update the bearing.

Always check whether the three-phase current of the Volvo diesel generator is balanced. For three-phase asynchronous Volvo diesel generators, the difference between any one-phase current of the three-phase current and the average value of the other two-phase currents is not allowed to exceed 10%, so as to ensure the safe operation of Volvo diesel generators. If it crosses, it means that the Volvo diesel generator has defects, and the cause should be found out and the defect should be eliminated before operation.

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