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Precautions for Using Diesel Generators in Field Construction

Apr. 25, 2022

The selection of diesel generators in field construction should pay attention to the selection of unit brand and configuration. Pay attention to the use environment of diesel generators in field construction, pay attention to the outdoor use location, and do not use diesel generators near flammable and explosive materials. The diesel generator should be placed in a dry place. If it needs to be installed and used in the open air, it must be covered by a canopy-type building to prevent electric shock accidents due to humidity. Diesel generators for field construction should be placed outdoors or in a well-ventilated place in the engine room, not close to doors, windows and vents, to avoid carbon monoxide entering the room.

diesel engine generator

When using an extension cord, make sure it is well insulated from ground. The size of the outdoor cable must be able to meet the requirements of the electrical load used. It is not allowed to directly insert the outlet of the diesel generator in the field into the original power socket of the house for power supply, which will form a feedback, which may cause electric shock accidents to users who are powered by the same transformer. The entry and exit lines should be convenient, the surrounding roads should be smooth, and the leeward side of the pollution source and the places prone to water accumulation should be avoided.

The quality of diesel is directly related to whether the diesel engine can operate normally. If poor quality diesel is used, on the one hand, due to poor combustion, the power of the diesel engine will be reduced, making it insufficient; Therefore, it is necessary to choose diesel oil of good quality and suitable grade. The type of fuel used should be consistent with the requirements on the generator instruction manual or label. If there are other fuels in the diesel, the combustion performance will be significantly deteriorated, resulting in difficult or even impossible to start.

Other fuel entering the cylinder will also wash the cylinder lubricating oil film and accelerate the wear of the cylinder. The diesel generator fuel for field construction should be stored in a dedicated warehouse, and the facilities in the warehouse must comply with the regulations of the fire department. Before adding fuel, the diesel generator should be turned off, and the diesel generator should be cooled before adding it to prevent the fuel from splashing on the high-temperature parts and catching fire, causing disasters. Before using the oil drum to fill the diesel oil, it should be fully precipitated, and the precipitation time should be more than 3 days. When refueling, it should also be carefully filtered to prevent the mixing of mechanical impurities. Oil storage containers and refueling tools should also be kept clean during operation. Not only the use of diesel generators in the wild should pay attention to some matters, but also the use of diesel generators in other environments should pay attention to some matters according to the specific environment, so as to better use diesel generators.

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