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Precautions for Troubleshooting of Diesel Generator Sets

Jan. 17, 2022

 Mechanical failures during operation will cause damage to the basic parts, and serious mechanical accidents. Therefore, when the diesel generator set fails, we must repair it. So, what precautions should be taken when overhauling?

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1. Before any repair work on the diesel engine of the diesel generator set, the wiring of the battery must be removed to prevent accidental starting.

2. If the diesel engine of the diesel generator set is in a working state or the coolant is in a hot state, the diesel engine should be cooled first, and then the water-filling cap can be slowly loosened to relieve the pressure of the cooling system.

3. The preservative contains strong alkali, so it is strictly forbidden to splash into the eyes and not to be swallowed. In case of accidental contact with skin, wash with soap or water in time.

4. Before starting to troubleshoot, first carefully understand the details of the fault, such as the working conditions of the diesel engine before the fault - load conditions, altitude, ambient temperature, environmental dust conditions, vehicle driving (road machinery such as motor graders), road conditions, etc. . The nature of the failure - whether it was progressive or sudden, or intermittent, after a fuel or oil change, etc. Fault phenomenon - exhaust smoke color, coolant temperature and consumption, diesel engine noise, etc. Whether the coolant is contaminated, such as engine oil, iron embroidery, solidified sediment, etc. Whether the oil is contaminated, such as water, fuel, etc. Diesel engine vibration, etc.

5. Carry out a rigorous and systematic analysis of the failure of diesel generator sets.

6. Establish an organic connection between the signs of failure and the diesel engine system and basic components.

7. Link the recent maintenance or repair with the current fault.

8. Double the inspection before starting to disassemble and inspect the diesel engine.

9. Troubleshooting Start with easy and obvious problems.

10. Determine the cause of the failure and make a thorough repair.

Diesel generator set has compact structure, reasonable design, reliable performance, excellent performance and long working life. Its diesel engine is widely used because of its high thermal efficiency, good maneuverability, good power and high safety. It is the main power unit of modern construction machinery products. However, due to the complex structure of the diesel engine fuel system and high requirements for use, it should be maintained on time and operated according to procedures in daily use to avoid failures. When it fails, everyone must strictly abide by the above precautions, and it is important to ensure the safety of people and mechanical equipment.

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