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Precautions for Install and Repair the Cummins Diesel Generator Set Valve

Apr. 11, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the contents of the matters that must be paid attention to when installing and repairing the valves of Cummins diesel generator sets. If what else do you need to know about this, welcome to visit our starlight website, and then we will introduce the relevant information to you.

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After the new guide tube is installed in the cylinder head, use a reamer to correct the circularity and inner hole size of the guide tube, so that the gap between the valve stem and the guide tube hole conforms to the specifications of the diesel generator set specification, and the finished valve stem cannot be processed. In use, the gap between the valve stem and the guide hole should not exceed the wear limit specified in the unit manual. Generally, as long as the gap between the valve stem and the guide tube reaches 0.13 mm (for valves with a rod diameter equal to or less than φ8 mm) or 0.16 mm (for rod diameters) Valves larger than φ8mm) need to be replaced with valves or guides, otherwise the valves will be damaged early.

The valves of Cummins diesel generator sets of different models of the same series may be different, so do not mix them. The deformed or burnt valve seat must be corrected by reaming and grinding. It cannot be repaired only by grinding with the valve. For the valve seat that cannot be repaired, new parts should be replaced, and the repaired or newly replaced seat ring and guide hole should be replaced. Coaxial, the tolerance of coaxiality is 0.03 mm, the valve is installed in the valve seat ring, and the sinking amount of the valve and the cylinder head should meet the requirements specified in the unit manual.

The valve and the valve seat are lightly ground to ensure the sealing of the valve. Coarse abrasives should not be used during grinding. The contact part between the valve seat and the valve cone surface should be in the middle and lower part of the valve cone surface. The valve and seat ring must be sealed. This results in a drop in the power of the generator set and early damage to the valve. After grinding, the abrasive should be cleaned with kerosene, and the valve stems and guides should be lubricated with clean oil.

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