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Precautions for Diesel Generator Set Overhaul

Dec. 01, 2021

The test is divided into the condition of the generator set: the insulation test of the generator set winding can be performed in both cold and hot conditions, and the view can only be in cold conditions. In this article, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce in detail some precautions about the overhaul of the generator set.

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Generator set measurement method: motor windings, synchronous motor excitation windings of stator windings, and some self-encouraged motor excitation system reactors, current transformer windings, etc. If they are two-wire ends, resulting in outside the motor casing, you should measure each winding The insulation resistance of the chassis and the insulation resistance between the windings. Reliable connection to the chassis has been made to connect the motor in the winding, you can only measure the insulation resistance of the chassis. When measuring with a hand-cranked megohmmeter, the speed should be kept at about 120r/min; the reading should be stable when the pointer of the meter is read, and the winding should be measured and discharged after the removal of the measuring line.

1. The fuel and oil consumption of the generator set are obviously increased, and the phenomenon is black smoke;

2. When the temperature of the generator set is normal, the cylinder pressure cannot reach 70% of the regular pressure;

3. The generator set is weak in work, the speed after acceleration is obviously reduced, the sound is unstable, the sound changes suddenly, and the exhaust emits black smoke;

4. It is difficult for the generator set to start at normal temperature, and there is a knocking sound in the crankshaft bearing, connecting rod bearing and piston pin during operation;

5. The internal cylinder liner and piston ring of the generator set are severely worn, the ellipticity of the cylinder, the taper, the gap between the piston and the cylinder, the ellipticity of the crankshaft journal and the connecting rod journal exceeds the limit of the rule; in addition to the above-mentioned problems, such as Other severe abnormal phenomena of the generator set were discovered, such as red exhaust pipes, severe problems with the generator set, and the generator set should be repaired on a large scale after the generator set has been in operation for more than 10 years.

Under normal operating conditions, large-scale maintenance and repair are required after the generator set has been used for a certain number of years. However, equipment such as generator sets must be checked regularly, and if there are problems, they must be repaired in time. After all, the generator set plays a vital role in the operation of the equipment. Starlight power generation equipment reminds: If the generator set has these signs, Everyone needs to be vigilant and overhaul the generator set in time.

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