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Precautions for Diesel Generator Filter Maintenance

Apr. 18, 2022

Regarding the function of diesel generator filter, some customers have the wrong concept, thinking that the filter is optional, or it is relatively sloppy in maintenance. To sum up, we think that everyone must first clarify a concept that the filter is very important, and then pay attention to the following three maintenance aspects that are easily neglected:

diesel power generator

1. Some users lose the upper and lower sealing rubber gaskets and oil cover of the filter element when maintaining the filter of the diesel generator set, so that the diesel oil does not pass through the filter element and flows into the filter without resistance from the gap between the filter element and the filter cover. The inner cavity of the filter element makes the diesel filter lose its filtering and purification effect.

2. Some users reverse the positions of the trays and springs of the diesel generator set filter, or even throw them away, so that the oil inlet and outlet holes on the diesel filter cover are open, and the diesel oil cannot be filtered and directly enters the injector. oil pump.

3. When someone is maintaining the diesel generatoring set, after disassembling the filter, they find that the interior and the filter element are particularly clean without any impurities and moisture, that is, the diesel used is considered to be very clean. As everyone knows, this is an illusion, which is caused by the loose material of the filter paper of the filter element and the excessively large pores. At this time, the filter paper has not played a filtering role at all. If in the process of use, it is found that the three precision parts of the diesel engine fuel system, especially the plug pair, are severely worn, it may be caused by the inferior filter element.

The three filters of the diesel generator set are all maintenance parts that need special attention. It is necessary to have the habit of regular maintenance, replacement and cleaning. I hope everyone can avoid the above negligence and protect the equipment through good habits.

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