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Possible Causes of Damage to The Generator Piston Ring

Mar. 29, 2023

The piston ring is a seal in the cylinder of a generator, and it is also a vulnerable component in the generator because it requires cyclic movement during operation. There are many reasons for damage to the generator piston ring. Below, please take a look at Starlight's collation.

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1. The opening clearance of the piston ring is too small. When replacing a piston ring, if the ring is misaligned to the upper part of the cylinder with the greatest wear for inspection of the opening clearance, or if it is not filed at all according to the specified opening clearance value, when the piston ring descends to the lower part of the cylinder liner with the smallest wear (or due to thermal expansion), the opening clearance disappears and expands, causing the ring to press tightly against the inner wall of the cylinder liner, resulting in breakage.

2. The side gap between the piston ring and the ring groove is too large. After the side gap increases, the piston ring vibrates in the groove, which is not conducive to air tightness, and may not break the inner sea due to vibration. Due to the unequal inner diameter of the cylinder after wear of the cylinder liner, the piston ring not only bears the reciprocating motion of the piston, but also performs a movement of opening and closing in the ring groove, which intensifies the wear of the upper and lower planes of the ring and ring groove. Practice has proven that the first two ring grooves on the piston wear much faster than other ring grooves;

3. The carbon deposit in the generator ring groove is serious. Carbon deposits can lead to uneven ring grooves, which can cause piston rings to undergo alternating bending during operation, and are therefore prone to fracture.

4. Agglomeration of carbon deposits. The piston ring is stuck in the ring groove by carbon deposition, which causes the piston ring to be impacted and broken during movement.

5. The connecting rod is twisted. After replacing the piston rings of a single cylinder generator, sometimes as soon as the diesel engine starts running, several rings break together. This is mainly due to the distortion caused by Lian Xuan. When the piston moves upward, the twisted connecting rod causes the piston ring to undergo a torsional force and all of it will break. After discovering this phenomenon, the rod should be inspected and corrected.

The working nature of a piston ring determines that it must have strong hardness, strength, elasticity, and wear resistance. Therefore, generally speaking, the quality of a piston ring can withstand tests. If you find that the piston ring of the generator is excessively worn but not a quality issue, you should carefully investigate the cause and apply the appropriate medicine to the case.

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