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Pneumatic Motor of Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 14, 2022

The pneumatic motor of Cummins diesel generator set is also called pneumatic motor, which refers to the equipment that converts the pressure energy of compressed air into rotating mechanical energy. It is generally used as the spinning power source of more complicated equipment or machines. Pneumatic motors are classified into: vane type pneumatic motor, piston type pneumatic motor, compact vane type pneumatic motor, and compact piston type pneumatic motor.

Cummins diesel generator

There are two types of pneumatic motors used for Cummins diesel generator set: plunger type and blade type. The vane motor QQM-1 diesel engine pneumatic motor structure diagram is widely used. It consists of rotor, stator, speed change gear, safety clutch, engine gear and other parts.

The stator and the front and rear air distribution discs are fixed on the housing through positioning pins, while the rotor blades are freely placed outside the axial slot of the rotor, and the rotor group with blades rotates in the preferential hole of the stator. The head of the rotor is equipped with an automatic gear 18, which is engaged with the forced gear 17. Its speed ratio is 17/37. It can start and slow down, and increase the torque.

The drive shaft passes through the conflict clutch and sends power to gear 13. The inner hole of the starting gear has a right thread which is matched with the screw rod. The left section of the screw rod is a spline shaft, and the spline part is installed in the clutch spline hole. When the rotor rolls, it is immediately transmitted to the screw, and the pinion shall be thrown from the rear end of the screw to the flywheel with inertia effect, and mesh with the engine gear. After the Cummins diesel generator is started, the flywheel speed will be very high quickly, and when it is forced to change automatically, the starting response inertia effect and the effect of resetting the tension spring 11 will be thrown back and disengaged.

When the compressed air is sent into the stator chamber from the air inlet, a part of the high-pressure air enters the bottom of the blade through the air distribution holes on the front and rear air distribution discs, and the blade is lifted up, so that the blade is better sealed than the inner wall of the disciple. However, due to the imbalance of both sides of the blade, the blade will drive the rotor to roll counterclockwise. When the space between the two blades is connected with the exhaust port, the space in this space will be rolled 180 ° from the exhaust duct and installed from the beginning, which can change the rotation direction of the pneumatic motor 2.

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