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Operating Instructions of Siemens 1FC2 Series Synchronous Generator

Jan. 19, 2019

Operating instructions of SIEMENS 1FC2 series brushless synchronous generator (Made Under Siemens Licence)

The electric machines are for use in industrial heavy current installations. During operation this equipment has bare parts which are live and dangerous and mat also have moving or rotating parts. For this reason, unauthorized removal of the necessary covers, improper use, incorrect operation or insufficient maintenance could lead to severe personal injury or property damage.

Those responsible for the safety of the installation must therefore ensure that

- only qualified personnel are entrusted to work on the machines

- these persons always have at their disposal the operating instructions and other product documentation supplied when they do such work, and that they undertake to follow consistently any such instructions,

- non-qualified personnel are not permitted to work on or near the generator.

Siemens generator

General Safety Instructions

The machine described here are parts of power installations for industrial applications and are designed in accordance with generally accepted engineering practice.

WARNING it is assumed that basic planning work for the installation and all work concerning transport, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and repair is done by qualified personnel or checked by responsible skilled personnel.

Particular note should be taken of the following:

The technical data and information on permissible use (assembly conditions, connection conditions ambient and operating conditions), whic are contained in the catalog, order documents, operating instructions, rating plate and other product documentation.

The general erection and safety regulations.

The local, plant-specific specifications and requirements.

The proper use of tools, lifting gear and transport devices.

The use of personal protective gear.

The obligation of the responsible party to instruct the employees in safety according to VBG4 7 and 8 of the German ACCIDENT PREVENTION REGULATIONS and 20 of the German DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES TEGULATIONS (or relevant national regulation) with regard to the safe use of substances representing a hazard to health or the environment, such as cleaning, lubrication or bonding, agents, paints, varnishes etc. Detailed information on particular products are to be found in the "safety information sheet" of the producer or importer.

These instructions cannot claim to cover all details of possible equipment variations, nor in particular can they operation or maintenance. This means that the instructions for machines for industrial applications normally include only the directions necessary to be mentioned for qualified personal where the equipment is used for its defined purpose.

If in special cases it is intended to use the machines in non-industrial areas and therefore requirements may be more stringent, e.g. protection against contact by children's fingers, compliance with such requirements must be assured during installation by providing additional protective measures on site.

If there are any uncertainties in this respect, particularly in the event of missing product-related information, clarification must be obtained via the appropriate SIEMENS sales office. Please always indicate the machine type and serial number.

We would recommend asking for the assistance and services of the competent SIEMENS service centres for planning, installation, commissioning and servicing tasks.

NOTE: For general work such as checking of incoming deliveries (damage in transit) storing and preserving for prolonged periods of time, foundation testing, fitting of couplings, installation and alignment of machines, etc., further detailed information is given in the SIEMENS installation instructions which can be obtained form SIEMENS sales offices.


The synchronous generators in the 1FC2 type series are brushless electric generators with a salient-pole rotor. The basic mechanical design has two bearings to degree of protection IP 23 with raised feet. Foot-flange and single-bearing models are also available, along with other variants.

The laminated stators core is press-fitted into a rigid, welded frame and locked to prevent it from rotating,. The rotor of the generator is a compact component with a squirrel-cage damper winding. It is excited by means of an integrated exciter. The stator of the exciter is mounted in the end shield at the N-end. The end shields are made from high-quality grey cast iron. The rectifier and the protective varistor are overhung at the N-end outside the machine. This arrangement makes them simple to replace. The machine is air-cooled in an open circuit and thus ventilated optimally. The fan is vibration-resistant, welded steel part. The degree of protection is achieved by means of grilles at the air inlet and outlet. The generator can be fitted with a filter on the air inlet side for operation in dusty ambient atmospheres.

Generators with a higher degree of protection than IP23 can be supplied on request, if necessary with an air-to-water cooler. The spacious terminal box is mounted on the top of the frame. It contains all the components necessary to connect and operate the generator, including the regulator. The terminals are arranged on a four-terminal strop. A six-terminal strip can be provided on request. The generators can additionally be equipped with temperature detectors in the stator winding and in the bearing. The standard generator model is supplied with an unbored cable entry plate. Screwed cable entry glands can be supplied on request.


The warranty is contingent on compliance with these instructions and with the permissible operating conditions. Failure to comply with these specifications may result in warranty claims being rejected. The serial number of the generator and any other relevant information marked on the rating plate must be specified in connection with all complaints or orders for spare parts. If the generator is dismantled by the owner without the prior agreement of the manufacturer, all warranty claims of the former will be forfeited.

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