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Note Points When Replacing Cummins Diesel Generator Set Parts

Dec. 30, 2021

What problems should be paid attention to when replacing parts of Cummins diesel generator set? First of all, pay attention to the assembly technical requirements for replacement and repair of Cummins diesel generator. Repairers generally pay more attention to the valve clearance and bearing clearance of diesel generators, but some technical requirements are often ignored. For example, when installing the cylinder liner of a diesel generator set, the upper plane should be about 0.1mm higher than the plane of the body, otherwise The failure of cylinder air leakage or continuous damage to the cylinder head gasket will occur. Different enlarged parts (accessories) of the same model are not universal. When using the repair size method, you can choose to increase the size of the parts, but you must find out which level of increase is the part. If the size of the parts is not mastered when the diesel generator is replaced and repaired, it will not only waste time, but also cannot guarantee the repair quality, it will also greatly reduce the service life of the bearing bush, and the generator set will be scrapped in severe cases.

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Replacement and repair of diesel generator sets. Note that some matching parts need to be replaced in pairs, such as the injector needle valve assembly, plunger pair, and delivery valve pair. The three precision components must be replaced in pairs. This can generally be done. However, some other parts are not replaced in pairs. For example, when replacing gears, only replace the more severely worn one. After assembly, due to poor meshing, increased noise, increased wear and tear, the service life will be greatly shortened, so in diesel generator sets When replacing and repairing diesel engines, pay attention to the fact that some matching parts must be replaced in pairs to ensure the quality of the repair. It must not be replaced by a single piece in order to save costs, which will cause the entire generator set to be completely damaged. When replacing and repairing diesel generators, prevent parts from being installed incorrectly or missing.

For single-cylinder diesel generators, there are more than one thousand parts, and most of them have certain installation position and direction requirements. If you don't pay attention, it is easy to install incorrectly or miss. If there is a situation such as wrong installation or missing installation, it will cause the engine to start difficult or not start at all. The replacement, repair and assembly of diesel generator sets and diesel engines must be clean. If the body is mixed with mechanical impurities, dust, and sludge during assembly, it will not only accelerate the wear of parts, but also easily cause oil circuit blockage, causing accidents such as burning of bushes and axles. When replacing, repairing and assembling diesel generator sets, pay attention to ensuring the cleanliness of the parts.

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