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No Idle Fault Reason of Diesel Generating Set

Aug. 01, 2023

The diesel generator set has no idle speed fault, which means that the engine will stop when the accelerator is placed at the idle speed position. When the accelerator is slightly increased, the speed will rise quickly, and it cannot operate stably at low speed. Dingbo power generation equipment now shares the cause of this fault to everyone, hoping to help users of diesel generator sets.

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The reasons for no idle speed fault of diesel generator set are as follows:

The idle spring of the governor of the diesel generator set is too soft or broken; The sensor components of the governor are excessively worn, and the plunger of the fuel injection pump is severely worn; The temperature is too low, and the cylinder pressure is too low.

Diagnosis and treatment of no idle speed of diesel generator set: no idle speed during cold start, which is generally normal. This is because the temperature is too low and the oil viscosity is too high, which increases the resistance of the internal resistance diesel generator set and worsens the spray and evaporation conditions of the diesel oil. As a result, the Yuchai generator set cannot maintain the lowest stable speed. When the throttle is raised, the engine will shut down quickly. In this case, the throttle can be adjusted slightly higher than the idle speed for operation, and after the Yuchai generator set heats up, the idle speed can be resumed.

If the diesel generator set has been used for a long time without idle condition, and the power is insufficient, the fuel consumption is abnormal, generally because the plunger is worn too much, and the oil leakage increases at idle speed, so that the oil supply cannot meet the requirements of idle condition; Or the cylinder pressure is too low, and the injection advance angle is too large or too small, resulting in poor combustion conditions of the diesel generator set. As long as the fault of insufficient power is handled, the idle condition will naturally recover.

If the above situation is normal, it should be considered whether the idle working component of the governor is abnormal. Check if the governor spring is broken, or if the governor components are excessively worn or the spring is too soft, causing the centrifugal force of the flying hammer to be much greater than the spring tension during idle operation and reducing oil, or if the maintenance personnel adjust it improperly. The fuel injection pump assembly must be removed and repaired and adjusted again on the test bench

When checking the governor, the first step is to adjust it through the idle screw. If the adjustment is ineffective, then adjust the pre tension of the idle spring. The idle spring adjusting nut can be slightly tightened inward or a gasket can be added to the spring seat to increase the preload and increase the idle speed. If the spring is broken, it should be replaced before adjustment to restore its idle working performance.

Dingbo Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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