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Methods to Reduce The Noise of Diesel Generator Sets

Nov. 24, 2021

Do you have any ways to reduce the noise of diesel generator sets? The noise reduction method is first to reduce exhaust noise. Exhaust noise is the main noise source of diesel generator sets. It is characterized by high noise level, fast exhaust speed, and difficult management. The use of a special impedance-type compound muffler can generally reduce exhaust noise by 40-60db(a). When reducing the noise of the axial flow fan and the cooling fan of the diesel generator set, two issues must be considered, one is the allowable pressure loss of the exhaust channel, and the other is the required noise reduction. In view of the above two points, a resistive chip muffler can be selected, the sound insulation and sound absorption treatment of the engine room and the vibration isolation of the diesel generator set.

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After the exhaust noise of the diesel generator set and the noise of the cooling fan are reduced, the remaining main noise sources are the mechanical noise and combustion noise of the diesel engine. The method adopted is to use the remaining windows except for the necessary observation windows on the inner wall connected to the observation room. All holes and holes should be tightly sealed, and the sound insulation of the brick wall should be above 40db(a). Fireproof and sound insulation doors and windows are used for the doors and windows of the machine room. After the air intake and exhaust, and the sound insulation of the computer room, the ventilation and heat dissipation problems in the computer room must be solved.

The air inlet should be arranged on the same straight line as the diesel generator set and exhaust outlet. The air inlet should be equipped with a resistive chip muffler. Since the pressure loss of the air inlet is also within the allowable range, the air volume in and out of the machine room can be balanced naturally, and the ventilation and heat dissipation effect is obvious. Sound absorption treatment, the five walls in the machine room except the ground can be used for sound absorption treatment. According to the frequency spectrum characteristics of the diesel generator set, a perforated plate resonance sound absorption structure is adopted. The exchange of indoor air and the good sound insulation of the engine room will prevent the air in the engine room from being convec A resistive chip muffler can solve the problem.

Vibration isolation of diesel generator sets. Before installing diesel generator sets, the vibration isolation treatment should be strictly carried out according to the relevant information provided by the manufacturer to avoid long-distance transmission of structural sound and continuous airborne sound during the propagation, which cannot make the noise level of the factory boundary. Up to standard. For existing diesel generator sets requiring treatment due to exceeding the standard, the vibration of the ground near the diesel generator set must be measured. If the vibration is obvious, the diesel generator set must be subjected to vibration isolation treatment.

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