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Methods To Identify The Need For Oil Replacement Of Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 13, 2023

The diesel generator set needs regular maintenance. During the maintenance period, it is normal to change the engine oil and some consumable parts. The replacement of the engine oil of the diesel generator set can well guarantee the stable use of the generator set, which also effectively extends the service life of the generator set to a certain extent. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately determine the time of engine oil replacement during the use of the generator set. In this article, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will teach you four methods to quickly identify whether the diesel generator set needs to be replaced with oil.


1. Hand twisting method: Use a dipstick to take out a small amount of engine oil and grind it repeatedly with your thumb and index finger. If you feel that the engine oil has a good hand feel, with lubrication, less debris, and no friction, then it indicates that the quality of the engine oil is still good. If you feel impurities, poor viscosity, or even astringency, the engine oil is in a deteriorated state and should be replaced in a timely manner.


2. Illumination method: Take out the oil dipstick and raise it 45 degrees high. Observe the oil droplets under the light. If there is no debris in the oil droplets clearly, it indicates that the oil is still good and can be replaced later. If there is too much debris in the oil droplet, it indicates that the oil should be replaced.


3. Color discrimination method: Take a better quality facial tissue paper, drop several drops of old engine oil onto the paper, and wait for the oil to leak. The engine oil that has not deteriorated has no powder, is dry and smooth by hand, and the yellow soaking zone is clear. The deteriorated engine oil is dark black brown with impurities, and the engine oil should be replaced at this time.


4. Smell method: Open the compartment lid, pull out the oil dipstick and smell it close to your nose. If there is a strong sour odor, it indicates that the oil has deteriorated and needs to be replaced in a timely manner. This method should be the simplest and most convenient, but it cannot accurately determine the degree of deterioration.


diesel generator set

The above method can quickly determine whether the oil needs to be replaced. Once the oil reaches the level that needs to be replaced, the user needs to replace the clean oil in a timely manner. Otherwise, it may lead to unit failure. The correct steps for replacing the oil are as follows:


1. Before changing the engine oil, let the diesel generator set run to a temperature of 60 ° and then shut down.


2. Remove the engine bottom oil plug, drain the lubricating oil, install the bottom plug, and remove the oil filter.


3. Clean the filter mounting base to prevent dirt from entering the unit when installing a new filter.


4. Fill the new filter with lubricating oil, apply some lubricating oil on the sealing gasket, screw the oil filter onto the engine until the sealing gasket touches the base, and then tighten it.


5. Fill the engine oil to the appropriate position, based on the scale on the engine oil scale.


6. Restart the diesel generator set, check whether the lubricating oil pressure is normal, and check whether there is leakage around the filter.


The engine oil of the diesel generator set can well lubricate the operating parts of the unit and reduce the friction between the components of the unit. Only using the correct brand of clean engine oil can ensure the good lubrication of the unit and prolong the service life of the unit.


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