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Method for Judging Water Ingress Into Oil Shell of Generator Set

Nov. 13, 2021

During the normal operation of the generator set, there are many faulty components or parts that cause the oil shell to enter the water, but every time the oil shell enters the water, it occurs suddenly during the normal operation of the generator set. This requires generator set operators or maintenance personnel to quickly and accurately find the damaged components or parts. The following Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce the method of quickly judging the water in the oil shell.

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1. Remove the side cover of the machine body and observe the water leakage around each cylinder liner. If water drips from the inner wall of the cylinder liner, it means that the cylinder liner has sand holes, there are cracks inside the cylinder head, or the cylinder gasket is washed out.

When water leakage occurs in the cylinder liner of the generator set or the cylinder head is cracked, another phenomenon generally occurs, that is, when the diesel engine is started, there is water or air bubbles from the water tank filling port. If the cylinder head gasket is damaged, there will be a sound of air leakage when starting the diesel engine. If there is air bubbles or water overflow in the cooling water radiator, and the sound of blow-by cannot be heard at the cylinder head gasket when the diesel engine is started, it can generally be concluded that the cylinder head is cracked or the cylinder liner has blisters.

2. When there is water dripping on the outer wall of the cylinder liner, it can be considered that the cylinder liner sealing ring or the copper gasket under the cylinder liner is placed unevenly or damaged.

3. If organic oil appears at the water filling port of the cold water radiator and water enters the oil shell, it can generally be concluded that the oil radiator is damaged. If the oil cooling method of the generator set is changed to air cooling, it can be concluded that there is a crack in the cylinder head, causing the water passage in the cylinder head to communicate with the oil passage, causing water to enter the oil pan and the cooling water radiator to enter the oil.

If none of the above conditions are met, it can be concluded that there are cracks inside the body. In the daily use of the generator set, if there is an abnormal situation, it is very important to analyze the specific problems and identify the fault quickly and effectively.

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