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Measures to Prevent Electrical Corrosion of Diesel Generator Coils

Jul. 22, 2022

During the daily use of diesel generators, diesel generators should be maintained in time. If the daily maintenance and maintenance do not meet the relevant requirements, diesel generators will produce certain electrical corrosion. The occurrence of electrical corrosion will cause certain damage to the diesel generator, which will affect the life of the internal stator bar of the diesel generator, and even affect the operation of the entire diesel generator in severe cases. Corrosion should be strictly monitored and checked to minimize the occurrence of electrical corrosion.

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To prevent the occurrence of electrical corrosion inside the diesel generator, it is necessary to ensure strict coordination between the size of the wire rod inside the diesel generator and the size of the stator slot, so as to ensure that the coil surface and the wrought iron wall are kept in good condition. Contact, the gap between the two should be within 0.3 mm, and the contact surface of the through groove should be greater than 50%. The material selection of the ESC in the slot should also be optimized and processed. Only by using semiconductor materials can the overall anti-corona characteristics be improved, thereby reducing the occurrence of power supply and electro-corrosion.

The semiconducting paint should be sprayed in the stator slot, and the appropriate resistivity should be selected to ensure that the performance of each component can meet the standard and reduce errors in the process of use. The slot wedges in the stator slot should be pressed strictly according to the standard, and the selection of semiconducting paint should also be optimized. Only by selecting semiconducting paint with strong stability, the overall performance can be improved. And in the process of design, it is necessary to minimize the vibration of the unit, so this puts forward higher requirements for the design department, and conducts reasonable vibration and balance tests within the allowable range, so as to achieve as much as possible in different regions and environments. Ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator, prevent the looseness of the coil, and damage the corona layer and other phenomena, so as to reduce the electrical corrosion of the diesel generator.

In order to solve the electrical corrosion phenomenon of diesel generators, it is necessary to improve the operating environment of the engine, and continuously strengthen the monitoring and management of diesel generators. During the operation process, problems should be monitored and checked in time, and hidden troubles should be discovered in time and solved. These problems, in order to improve the efficiency of diesel generators.

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