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Maintenance Requirements for Diesel Generator Bearings

Apr. 12, 2022

The rotors of diesel generators generally use rolling bearings, which are lubricated with grease. Usually, the universal diesel generator uses ZGN-3 calcium-based grease, and the moist heat type diesel generator uses ZL-3 lithium-based bearing grease. Under normal circumstances, when the diesel generator runs continuously for about 1500h, the grease should be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator.

generator maintenance

The working quality of the bearing directly affects the operation reliability of the diesel generator, so we should pay attention to maintenance.

The intact bearing is measured with a thickness gauge under field conditions. The matching clearance between the inner and outer circles of the bearing and the ball (column) is appropriate, and no shaking can be detected. The appearance of each part is good: no damage, no corrosion, no cracks, good roundness and surface roughness of the rolling contact surface, when holding the inner ring to dial the outer ring, the rotation is flexible and brisk, and the sound is uniform and no noise.

The maintenance requirements for diesel generator bearings are regular cleaning, inspection and greasing.

The cleaning method is: First take out the old grease with bamboo (wood) pieces, and wash the bearing with a brush dipped in gasoline or kerosene. Under field conditions, it can be cleaned without removing it from the shaft. If you take it off for cleaning, you can put it in a warm machine sleeve or diesel for brushing after taking out the old grease. After brushing clean, rinse the bearing once with an appropriate amount of kerosene, and then add new grease.

Adding lubricating grease must require the specified grade and quantity (generally, the amount of grease added accounts for 1/2 to 2/3 of the inner volume of the bearing). Not too much, not too little. Too much the lubricating grease will cause poor heat dissipation of the bearing, and the temperature will rise. If the lubricating grease is too little, the lubrication cannot be guaranteed, and the wear will increase.

In addition, in the maintenance of diesel generator bearings, it should be noted that the bearing "puller" should be used to remove the bearing, and it should not be knocked hard with a hammer. The inner and outer covers of the motor bearing should be kept intact, the oil seal felt ring is intact, and the screws are complete and tightened. If the felt ring is damaged, it should be made and replaced with industrial felt, and cannot be replaced with soft civilian felt. Dirty, hardened (deteriorated) greases or greases with impurities such as sand or iron filings should not be used.

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