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Maintenance Process of Air Cooled Diesel Generator

Mar. 21, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the maintenance process of air-cooled diesel generators.

Maintenance per shift (8 to 10 hours per job). Before the air-cooled diesel generators stop operation, observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon in operation; check whether the oil in the fuel tank and oil pan is sufficient, if not, add diesel and engine oil of the specified brand in time; clean the exterior of the diesel engine, and eliminate oil leakage and air leakage in time; check the tightening of each connecting piece and joint should be locked in time if it is loose: when using in a dusty area, check whether the air filter and cooling air duct are blocked, and clean it if necessary; remove the valve cover. Add proper amount of oil to the oil hole of the rocker arm.

diesel generator set

Maintenance No. 1(every 50 hours of operation). Complete all maintenance items for each shift; for air filters that use foam plastic filter elements or paper filter elements, check and clean the filter element and replace it if necessary; check the oil circuit for oil leakage, and lock all joints.

Maintenance No. 2 (every 100 hours of operation). Complete all items of No. 1 maintenance; clean crankcase and gear chamber with diesel oil, and replace oil if necessary depending on oil quality; wash fuel tank filter and diesel filter element, and replace diesel filter element if necessary; check and adjust valve clearance; replace Check the oil in the oil bath air filter, disassemble the filter element assembly, and clean the copper wire filter; check the cylinder head nut, fuel injection pump tightening nut, fuel injection pump outlet valve tightening seat, connecting rod nut, flywheel nut, etc. tightness, re-tighten if necessary.

Maintenance No. 3 (every 500 hours of operation). Complete all items of No. 2 maintenance; clean the fuel tank and its valves; remove the carbon deposits in the exhaust pipe and muffler; clean the oil slinger and the lubricating oil hole on the crankshaft connecting rod journal; check the tightness of the valve, if necessary Grind the valve; clean the injector and check the atomization of the injector; remove the carbon deposits on the piston, piston ring, cylinder head and cylinder liner; check the opening clearance of the piston ring, and replace the piston ring if necessary.

Finally, maintenance No. 4 (every 1000~1500 hours of work). Disassemble as a whole, clean all parts, check the wear and tear of parts, repair or replace if necessary, and then reassemble as required.

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