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Maintenance Principles of Diesel Generator Sets Run for A Long Time

Jan. 25, 2022

Do you know what accidents will happen when diesel generator run for a long time? Commonly used diesel generator sets are some diesel generator sets that may have to work continuously for a long time for a certain period of time, as the basic power supply for electrical loads. This type of diesel generator set can be used as a common set and a backup set. Commonly used generators are suitable for regional enterprises such as towns, islands, mines and oil fields that are far away from the large power grid. They supply local electricity for production and require diesel generators, and such generators need uninterrupted power supply. The standby diesel generator set is used in important equipment such as national defense engineering, communication links, and radio stations. This type of equipment can usually use flat power, but if it encounters natural disasters or man-made damage, after the power grid is damaged and power outages, the standby unit should be started quickly to ensure the normal power supply of the important equipment of the diesel generator set.

emergency generator

According to the long-term continuous operation of the diesel generator set, the output power can meet the selection of the maximum accounting load of the whole project, and the standby diesel generator set capacity of the generator set should be confirmed according to the importance of the load. The continuous output power of the diesel engine is generally 0.9 times the rated power. The number of commonly used diesel generator sets is generally set to more than 2 to ensure the continuity of the power supply and the change of the customary power load curve. When the number of units is large, the number of diesel generators to be put into can be confirmed according to the change of electricity load, so that the diesel engine is often operated under the economic load, so as to reduce the fuel consumption rate and reduce the cost of power generation. The optimal economical operation of diesel generator sets is between 75% and 90% of the rated power.

In order to ensure the continuity of the power supply, the common diesel generator set itself should consider setting up a standby unit. When the diesel generator set is repaired or shut down for inspection, the diesel generator set can still continue to supply power to important electricity loads satisfactorily. In order to reduce wear and tear and increase the service life of diesel generator sets, medium and low-speed diesel generator sets with a calibrated speed of not more than 1000r/min should be selected for common diesel generator sets, and medium and high-speed generator sets can be selected for their standby diesel generator sets. Diesel generator sets of the same power station should be of the same type and capacity, so as to use the same spare parts and facilitate repair and management. For projects with large load changes, diesel generator sets of the same series with different capacities can also be selected. The confirmation of the generator output calibration voltage is the same as that of the emergency generator set, which is generally 400V. The single power consumption is large, and the high-voltage diesel generator set can be selected for the project with a long transmission interval.

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