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Maintenance of Volvo Diesel Generator Battery

Nov. 09, 2021

The Volvo diesel generator battery should always be in a charged state. During operation, the charging diesel generator is charged frequently, and the charging current is automatically adjusted by the charging generator regulator. After the battery is discharged, it should be charged within no more than 24 hours to avoid vulcanization of the electrode plate, lower capacity, or even damage.

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The electrolyte level of Volvo diesel generator battery should be 10~15mm higher than the edge of the electrode plate. When the liquid level drops, distilled water should be added, not river water, well water and concentrated sulfuric acid. A battery that has been charged but left unused shall be replenished at least once a month. At the same time, no matter how long the Volvo diesel generator works and the condition of the battery, check charging should be carried out every 3 months.

The air hole of the battery filling hole plug should be kept unobstructed. Always clean the battery shell, cover, wire clamp and electric pile head to prevent dust and debris from entering the battery. When cleaning the clamp, wipe it with a cloth soaked in ammonia or 10% bicarbonate and soda solution, then wipe it dry and apply industrial petroleum jelly.

Do not allow the battery to be violently knocked or collided to prevent the active material of the electrode plate from falling off and damaging the electrode plate. Prevent the battery from being frequently under-charged, over-charging current, long-term low-current discharge, over-discharge and not being charged in time after discharge, so as to reduce plate vulcanization.

When using Volvo diesel generator batteries in cold areas, you should pay attention to heat preservation and appropriately increase the specific gravity of the electrolyte to prevent freezing due to the drop in the specific gravity of the electrolyte. For example, when the temperature is lower than -40°C, the electrolyte ratio should be increased to 1.30~1.32 (measured value at 20°C).

When Volvo diesel generator batteries are used at low temperatures, due to their poor discharge performance and increased starter motor torque, the battery discharge capacity may be insufficient. At this time, two sets of Volvo diesel generator batteries can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity.

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