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Maintenance Of Small Parts Of Diesel Generator Can Not Be Ignored

May. 16, 2023

The nut is an inconspicuous small part of the diesel generator, but many people know that the maintenance of this small nut cannot be ignored. Let's follow the Starlight Power and see a few examples below.


1. Rocker arm seat nut. For rocker arm seat nuts, regular inspections should be carried out during use in conjunction with maintenance. If the nut of the rocker arm seat is loose, it will increase the valve clearance, delay the valve opening, advance the valve closing, shorten the valve opening duration, and cause insufficient air supply, unclean exhaust, decreased power, and increased fuel consumption in the diesel engine.


2. Fuel injector locking nut. When installing the fuel injector, the locking nut should be tightened to the specified torque. At the same time, it is best to repeatedly tighten several times, not all at once. If the locking nut of the fuel injector is tightened too tightly, it can cause deformation of the locking nut and also easily cause the needle valve to get stuck. If tightened too loosely, it can cause fuel injector leakage, decrease injection pressure, poor atomization, and increase fuel consumption.


3. Tighten the oil outlet valve seat. When installing the outlet valve seat of the fuel injection pump, it is also necessary to follow the specified torque. If the tight seat of the oil outlet valve is tightened too tightly, it will cause deformation of the plunger sleeve, causing blockage of the plunger in the sleeve, and causing early wear of the plunger coupling, decreased sealing performance, and insufficient power. If the tight seat of the fuel outlet valve is too loose, it will cause oil leakage in the fuel injection pump, unable to establish oil pressure, delayed fuel supply time, reduced fuel supply, and seriously affect engine performance.


diesel generator

4. Fuel injector pressure plate nut. When installing the fuel injector assembly on the cylinder head of a diesel engine, in addition to paying attention to removing carbon and other dirt from the mounting seat of the fuel injector assembly, ensuring that the pressure plate of the fuel injector assembly is not installed upside down, and that the thickness of the steel pad is appropriate and cannot be missed, attention should also be paid to the tightening torque of the pressure plate nut of the fuel injector assembly. If the tightening torque of the pressure plate nut is too large, it will cause deformation of the fuel injector valve body, causing the fuel injector to get stuck and the diesel engine to be unable to work. If the tightening torque is too small, the fuel injector will leak, causing insufficient cylinder pressure, making it difficult for the diesel engine to start, and high-temperature gas will also rush out and burn out the fuel injector.


Nuts, as essential small components, are not allowed to be purchased as spare parts in order to handle and replace them in a timely manner and improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance.


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